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  • Monday, June, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:22:22
  •  The Design Village (TDV) organized an interactive architectural session on Eco-Architecture for students with Rahul Bhushan, (Eco-Architect and founder at NORTH), on the topic “A Journey North”. This session aimed to provide students with invaluable insights into the importance of sustainability and how the environment can be incorporated into architecture.

    The session discussed various aspects of Eco-Architecture, highlighting the importance of addressing contemporary environmental challenges. Through engaging discussions and real-world examples, students gained a deeper understanding of how sustainable practices can be seamlessly integrated into architectural design processes.

    While speaking to the students Rahul Bhushan said “It’s important for students to be made aware of non-mainstream practices & gather first-hand experiences. TDV’s pedagogy allows for this learning by doing, grounding students such that it becomes possible for them to give back to society and create meaningful impact.”

    As the session concluded, participants left inspired and equipped with newfound knowledge about the Kathkuni and Dhajji Dewari, indigenous practices in the Himalayas. The event served as a testament to TDV’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of designers and architects equipped to address global sustainability challenges.


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