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  • Thursday, February, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:37:28
  • Olymp Trade starts a new quest with a prize drawing

    Are you ready for some football-themed fun? Olymp Trade is about to launch a new quest called Skilltember. The idea is to help the platform users hone the must-have skills highlighted by the platform’s new ambassador Ronaldinho. At the end of the quest, Olymp Trade will run a prize drawing to split $200,000 between 100 winners.

    The Skilltember Quest will last from September 12 to September 21. During these memorable 10 days, its participants will be collecting Mastery Points. These are awarded for completing the tasks linked to the 5 essential Skills.

    The event is open to all Olymp Traders regardless of their status and level of expertise. There are no entrance fees or registration procedures. If you have an account on the platform, you are welcome to join Skilltember at any moment.

    Now, let’s explore the Skilltember mechanics and its perks in more detail.

    Learn from Ronaldinho’s Success

    Ronaldinho and Olymp Trade have partnered to celebrate the 5 Skills necessary to reach your goals. According to the football star, they are Accuracy, Speed, Creativity, Tactics, and Defense.

    These 5 Skills helped Ronaldinho achieve worldwide stardom and make his dreams come true. When properly applied, the same abilities can bring lots of benefits to Olymp Traders, and Skilltember is excellent proof of that.

    The Skilltember Quest is built around football/trading and celebrates the best of both worlds. Loot Boxes with cool perks will mark every milestone on your way to the Skilltember ultimate goal, which is to make all 5 Skills shine and collect as many Mastery Points as possible.

    How to Earn Mastery Points

    Throughout the quest, the participants will receive tasks to sharpen the 5 Skills and earn Mastery Points, Skilltember’s native currency. When a set of tasks is complete, the corresponding Skill is highlighted on the platform.

    To make things even more interesting, all 5 Skills are matched with 5 assets/features offered by Olymp Trade.

    • Accuracy/Stocks
    • Tactics/Deposit
    • Speed/Composite
    • Creativity/Crypto
    • Defense/Stop Loss & Take Profit

    The logic behind these pairs is quite clear. For instance, crypto is a unique asset class that often requires an unconventional approach. Trading stocks is all about thoughtful planning and accurate timing. The Stop Loss/Take Profit mechanism is designed to protect traders from dangerous losses, and so on.

    Each completed task comes with a certain number of Mastery Points. The main objective is to accumulate the maximum number of them because each point earns an entry in the final prize drawing.

    To boost your probability of being selected as a winner, we recommend that you prioritize Skills of the Day that will bring you a double number of points.

    What’s Inside a Loot Box?

    Active participants of the Skilltember Quest will do a lot of unpacking during these 10 days. The Loot Boxes received for successful completion of the tasks may contain any of these cool perks:

    • Risk-free trades worth $1, $3, $5, $10, $15, or $20
    • Experience points (XP) of 500, 1000, 1500, or 2000
    • Increased profitability of 85% or 92%
    • A strategy for FTT mode
    • Promo codes for deposit bonuses of 20%, 30%, 40%, or 50%

    Loot Boxes are great, but the most captivating part of Skilltember is still the prize drawing.

    Win a Cash Prize of Up to $30,000

    The prize drawing is scheduled for September 22, and all the participants are welcome to watch it in real time. Just go to the Olymp Trade platform and enter the Events tab.

    During the drawing, 100 winners will be picked at random. The cash prizes range from $250 to a staggering $30,000, and anyone who scored points in the quest may hit the jackpot. However, the more Mastery Points an entrant possesses, the better their odds of being selected.

    This event will make an impactful ending to Skilltember, especially for the biggest winners.

    Just have a look at the Top 5 prizes:

    • 1st Prize: $30,000
    • 2nd Prize: $20,000
    • 3rd Prize: $15,000
    • 4th Prize: $10,000
    • 5th Prize: $5,000

    As you see, Mastery Points may bring you real money at the end of Skilltember. Collect as many of them as possible to boost your chances, and you may see your name appear on the leaderboard.

    Join Skilltember Now

    It’s a great opportunity to become a better trader and get five steps closer to your goals.

    You can join the quest anytime between September 12-21, but an early start gives you a competitive advantage. Grab this chance to increase your mastery level, have your achievements rewarded, and earn spots in the final prize drawing.

    Journey towards success with Ronaldinho. Trading and football are both about learning, achieving, and having fun.


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