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  • Get The Glass Skin Of Your Dreams With The Newly Launched Inveda Pore Minimising Toner

    Published on April 22, 2022

    We cannot shy away from hearing about pores while looking at even a simple skincare routine. Those ever-present tiny dots on our faces are also often the biggest source of skincare stress. They are integral for making our skin appear healthy, supple-looking, and well moisturized and without them, our skin is practically dry and dull-looking as the oils cannot escape which would increase breakouts.

    Since they are not muscles they cannot be minimized but with the correct use of skincare, we can make them seem smaller and less visible. Inveda Pore Minimising Toner is the newest addition to their product line that is made to address this skincare concern.

    As Korean skincare science mainly focuses on preventing and protecting derma, Ayurveda focuses on healing and treating skin ailments to enhance their features. With the powerful combination of Ayurveda and Korean skincare science, Inveda’s Pore Minimizer toner with HA & Niacinamide is the perfect solution. The toner with Ayurvedic+Korean formulation shrinks the pores of your skin and helps even the skin’s texture, thereby giving you a smooth and soft feeling. It also removes leftover traces of your makeup and dirt that remain post-cleansing.


    • Shrinks pores
    • Unifies skin texture
    • Restores pH
    • Moisturises

    Boost your confidence and adapt to your lifestyle with Inveda. Products curated with natural activities and the benefits of the virtue of nature will help you feel the difference and a step closer to nature.

    Pair this product with the Ayurveda+Korean range of Inveda’s skincare and kit for the best results.

    Price – INR 450


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