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  • Get your daily dose of citric immunity-boosting fruits from these five brands

    Published on January 20, 2022

    This pandemic has made us realize the importance of the well-being of our health. For a healthy body one has to be involved in daily exercise, be it Gymming, Yoga or Zumba, etc. Most importantly, diet plays an important role in our health’s well-being. Raw food is considered to be the best form of diet we can have and fruits are the best form of raw food. Citrus fruits have Vitamin C in them. This vitamin acts as an antioxidant and boosts the immune system, which is extremely beneficial in the times of COVID-19. Instead of taking different substitute tablets, it is better to take Vitamin C in raw form i.e. Fruits. As citrus fruits are rich in it. We have curated a list of places/fruits you can get from.

    Kinnows from IG International

    Kinnow is a new hybrid citrus fruit from king orange and mandarin orange and has high juice content. It belongs to the Citrus family. IG International is one of the top fresh fruits importers in India. All the products are freshly produced, carefully stored and hygienically packed, and delivered to your doorstep. With the top fresh fruit importer by your side, you will never have to compromise with your quality preferred diet. The brand is also launching its ‘My IG’ app which will offer palpable convenience to all of its stakeholders, including wholesalers, street vendors, distributors, and consumers. This will provide the company with a platform to deliver first-rate fresh fruits from around the world to people’s doorsteps via the My IG app.

    Lemons and Limes by Suri Agro Fresh Private Limited

    Lemons are rich in vitamin C. As there are several lemon-made drinks we can have, it is important to have quality lemons. Suri Agro Fresh Pvt. Ltd. provides fresh fruits in the market. It started business in Asia’s largest fruit market, Azadpur. Now they are dealing with established brands of different countries. The second generation of the family is looking after the company’s legacy.

    Oranges from DJ Exports

    Oranges are one of the best sources of nutrients and vitamin C. They’ll help in building the immunity of the body. DJ Exports is a 25 years old established name. They deliver quality oranges. They purchase the fruits directly from farmers and supply it to different places.

    Kiwis from NGK Trading

    Kiwi contains high levels of Vitamin C. It also has dietary fibers in it. This fruit is a powerhouse of many minerals too. NGK imports the best quality fruits from different countries. NGK’s history, roots over a decade. Kiwi is the specialty of this company. They offer the best Kiwis. Many international brands have collaborated with and are selling the fruits purchased from NGK trading.

    Mosambis by Anusaya Fresh India

    Mosambi juices are unofficially the most preferred juice drink of India. It is a vital source of many nutrients. There are infinite health benefits of this fruit. Anusaya prides itself by offering quality products to different supermarkets and several 5-star hotels.


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