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    Getting the better of cravings and following a healthy lifestyle: Convictions of Haresshvar Sakthivelu, the renowned CEO

    Published on September 23, 2021

    Transformation is the sole alternative to shock the world and make it revolve around you. Such a story of life-changing aspects and utterly surprising events is Haresshvar Sakthivelu, the fitness and nutrition specialist. We talk about success, fame and power but what we do not discuss is failures, the will to survive, and the spirit of achieving the extraordinary. Haresshvar was not always like the prominent reflection of the ideal fitness enthusiast as he is today. He used to be the typical lazy kid with an obsession for junk foods. When unhealthy habits took a grasp on him, he decided to quit the undesirable activities and began his journey of health and fitness. From being overweight with 115 kg to losing 55 kgs in a short period like 5 months, the journey of conversion was tough yet tidy. 

    Haresshvar had come across many trainers and coaches but he finally found his mentor Biglee Murali who assisted him in reaching the pinnacle he is at present. Under his proper guidance, he turned his life around terminating as a confident young adult who attained the 5th position in the Mr. Chennai contest. After 11 months of intense training and dieting, Haresshvar earned the crown of Mr. Tamil Nadu in 2017. This was the success, that lit a fire of enthusiasm in his system and he never turned back after that. He started his coaching business in December 2017 and soon gained vogue because of his unique strategy and constructive client results. Now he is the CEO of Chimera Supplements, the number one sports supplements manufacturer in India bringing the best in sports medicine and supplementation science to the industry. He also owns Level UpNutrition, the product company serving fitness supplements empowering the clients through motivation and maneuvers. 

    Haressvar’s life mantra is to make the path of fitness wide and feasible for people. He’s restlessly working hard to make the effort in changing the way we visualize a healthy lifestyle. He opinionated, “Some people might be able to eat junk and still be thin. Not everyone is that lucky. Stop comparing your body or situations with that of others. Focus on what you have and come up with a key to making the changes to your life that will get you to your goal.” A man like Haresshvar is a precise illustration of the acquaintance of well-maintained physic and strength. In the ongoing situation where everyone is lacking resolution and discipline, Haresh is the contender in bringing the organic routine back to life that we are so eager to visualize.

    Follow him on Instagram- https://instagram.com/haressh94