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  • Getting Your Documents Ready for Starting a Business

    Published on April 23, 2019

    Many people want to start a business, and in the process of taking an entrepreneurial career path, they are also greeted with a lot of requirements before they can open their business. These documents are important. Without them, the business can be in trouble.

    Business owners should take note of these documents, and they should visit the appropriate government agency who will be giving them these documents. Once received, these documents should be notarized through a reliable company like Superior Notary Services (you can find out more information about the company here). Once notarized, the documents will become a legal document. Notarization will be used in courts and other places that might need additional proof about the authentication of the document. Without these documents, the business might face issues that could lead to its closure. Once the documents are secured, keep them in a place where they can be accessed easily so that whenever the document is needed, it can be presented in an instant. Here are some of the important documents that a business owner needs to secure and notarize for their business:

    1. Businesses should secure company bylaws. This is where the rules and regulations of a company will be written, and to make it an official and authentic document, it should be notarized. The executives or the business owners should be the one creating the company bylaws, and all of the employees are expected to follow what is written in it. Those who are not following the company bylaws can be served a disciplinary action. Continuous violations of the provisions stated in the company bylaws can lead to the termination of the employee.

    2. Institutional memory should also be kept, especially during corporate meetings that require the presence of other stakeholders who will be voting for a major corporate decision. What happens inside the meeting should be recorded, and the finished document should be notarized. This will serve as a piece of evidence about what transcended during the meeting and what the decision of other stakeholders are regarding the future of the business.

    3. Operating agreements are also required to be notarized to ensure that all of the processes or rules surrounding the business operations will be met. Businesses which have the operating agreement document should have it notarized to make it an official piece of paper. Businesses that lack the operating agreements that run into trouble, especially if the company has multiple agreements and contracts with other businesses. The owners can be sued in court for breaking the rules surrounding the operation of the business.

    4. Non-disclosure agreements are also important in business, and business owners should create a document about it and have it notarized. This is where all of the private information of a company are kept, and it is important to hide it because when stolen, the stakeholders of a business might have issues surrounding its privacy and it would have tremendous effects on how they are operating. In the worst-case scenario, the business might close down because of the controversies surrounding their operations.

    5. Employment agreements and business plans are also vital in a business setting because this is where important resolutions between the management and the employees are recorded, as well as the future plans of the company. The employment agreements also have clauses that describe what the employee should do inside the company and how they will be graded by the businesses whether or not they are still suitable to work for the organization. Have it notarized to become a legal document, especially when someone would like to take the business into the court because of any conflicts and breach of the contract stated in the employment agreement. Business plans, on the other hand, are a step-by-step plan of the company about what they should do during difficult times. It also secures the future plans of a business owner and how they will deal with changes in the industry.

    Notarization of these documents are important when running a business, which also includes a foreign exchange business. The files that have been sealed and signed by a notary public should be kept by a business attorney at all times. It will save the company from other lawsuits, and it can be a great piece of authentic evidence that can help the business win a case, especially if it is about a lawsuit between the employee and the business.