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  • GITAM Bengaluru Hosts International Conference on South Asian Modernities

    Published on March 2, 2024

     Bengaluru : The GITAM School of Humanities and Social Sciences (GITAM SHSS), Bengaluru, marked a significant milestone with its successful inaugural international conference, ‘Modernities Redefined: Perspectives from South Asia,’ on 22nd and 23rd February 2024. This intellectually stimulating event convened renowned scholars, researchers, students, and faculty members from across the globe, fostering critical dialogue and illuminating the diverse interpretations and contestations surrounding the concept of modernity from the unique vantage point of South Asia.

    Prof. M.V. Narayanan, Vice-Chancellor, Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kerala, in his Inaugural Address stated, “It is a huge honour to be here as this is the first international conference in Humanities and Social Sciences by GITAM University, and it is an area of specific interest to me. This conference captures one of the most important anxieties that we find particularly in the discourses of social and humanities.”

    The conference was also attended by Prof. Saurabh Dube, Professor-Researcher (Distinguished Category), Centre of Asian and African Studies, El Colegio de México who remarked, “Modernity is rendered very often as a framing device, a foil to conduct our particular exercises, express our discrete persuasions.”

    Madhavi I, Assistant Professor and HOD, Incharge Director of English and Other Languages at GITAM SHSS, Bengaluru, articulated the vision behind the conference, stating, “Our vision is to create a uniform platform, gathering all the distinguished scholars and experts in the field of humanities and social sciences through the exchange of knowledge and expertise, and establish a Centre for South Asian Studies in GITAM, Bengaluru.”

    The conference challenged conventional Western-centric notions, recognizing the diverse local, regional, and alternative forms of modernity in South Asia. It sought to deepen understanding of the complexities of modern experiences in the region and bridge the gap in current understandings by moving beyond Western constructs of modernity. Providing a platform for re-evaluating and expanding discussions from a South Asian perspective, this inaugural international conference marked a significant milestone for GITAM Bengaluru, showcasing its commitment to fostering critical discourse and scholarly exchange on social and cultural issues, particularly within the South Asian context.

    The conference received positive feedback from participants, who commended the stimulating discussions, diverse perspectives, and well-organized program. The event successfully provided a platform for scholarly exchange and fostered a deeper understanding of the multifaceted nature of modernity in South Asia. Looking ahead, GITAM SHSS is committed to building upon the success of this inaugural conference, envisaging future events that continue to promote critical thinking and meaningful dialogue on significant social and cultural issues.


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