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  • Give your modern home a Neoclassical touch with The Great Eastern Home

    Published on January 24, 2023

    The discoveries of Pompeii and other archaeological sites in the mid-18th century resulted in enthusiasm for all things associated with the ancient Romans and Greeks.  This led to one of the most well-known architectural styles in the Western world., namely Neoclassicism. Influenced by the art and culture of classical antiquity its beauty draws inspiration from Greek and Roman architecture and sculpture and emphasizes sophistication through delicate painting and precise carving.

    The Neoclassical collection is characterized by elegant lines, comfort, a perfect combination of details, clear geometries, linear shapes & practicality. It is identifiable by its use of columns, gilt, classical reliefs, moderate ornamentation, and satin upholstery. Rectangular shapes and symmetrical geometries replaced the organic flowing lines of the Rococo and Baroque styles leading to a cleaner and simpler look.  Woods such as oak, mahogany, veneer, and walnut are commonly used in furniture, showcasing impeccable attention to detail and delightful designs.

    The Great Eastern Home is renowned for its furniture collection and has many Neoclassical collectibles for enthusiasts from all around the world. The Neoclassical style has always been synonymous with simplicity and elegance. This style can be styled eclectically too, with both classic and modern.

    With its spectacular interior options, the neoclassical design remains a favourite of many homeowners due to its timeless charm. The Neoclassical collection from The Great Eastern Home encompasses a wide array of furniture such as tables, cabinets, chairs, study tables and secretaires, dressing tables, chaise lounges, sofas, footstools, bookcases, etc.


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