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  • Global Hospitals calls for youth as ambassadors to spread awareness on orthopedic problems

    Published on August 6, 2014

    Mumbai: Over 2 million new cases of arthritis/back pain are reported each year in our country, testament to the growing populace of the elderly having to live through the pain barrier. Ours is also a country of burgeoning young population who can act as ambassadors of a movement to raise Nationwide Orthopedic Awareness – the #joyofmovement.

    As an ambassador of this movement, being an #agentofjoy, is our way of spreading the word and helping people re-discover the #joyofmovement. Help them re-gain mobility, dignity and joy by creating greater awareness; and making the society more sensitive to their pain.

    “Many elderly people resign themselves to a life of disability, due to lack of knowledge about treatment options. Through this campaign we at Global Hospitals aim to not only raise awareness for orthopedic problems that affect the elderly but also to instill a sense of responsibility towards helping those with orthopedic issues, be it at home, office or outdoors.” said Mr. Manpreet Sohal, CEO, Global Hospitals, Mumbai

    Someone said that it’s easy to make a buck but much harder to make a difference. So here is your chance to make a difference to thousands of people with orthopedic problems! In this age of information, knowledge is power and sharing it can be the means to make a difference.

    Be an ambassador of the movement. Be the voice and the face of this campaign. We’ve have an exciting catalogue of gifts and prizes to give away, for all your efforts.

    Register to be an #agentofjoy today!

    Source: Lokesh Shastri