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    Global telecoms operator launches RF network between TMX Group’s data centre and Equinix Toronto TR2

    Published on October 14, 2020

    Dublin, Ireland : BSO, the leading global telecoms operator powering the digital age, has launched a new Radio Frequency (RF) network route for those trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and Nasdaq CXC. BSO’s exclusive RF network connects TMX Group’s colocation data centre with carrier-neutral Equinix Toronto TR2 to provide the international financial community with the fastest way to trade between these exchanges. 

    “The best trading firms in the world have a diverse international network using the latest cutting-edge technology. For ultra-competitive marketplaces like Toronto, New York and Chicago, trading in milliseconds are no longer enough. Our Canadian RF route ensures traders can access these trading hubs faster than others in the industry without any need to physically build their own network infrastructure,” said Michael Ourabah, Chief Executive Officer at BSO. 

    BSO’s RF network is already available in New York and Chicago. This latest route enables financial trading firms around the globe to access an important financial centre with unrivalled performance, reliability and speed. 

    Unlike fibre or other ground-based networks, RF is delivered point to point through the air. This as-the-crow-flies connectivity drastically reduces latencies and enables trades to operate in microseconds rather than milliseconds, a critical advantage in today’s hyper-volatile market. 

    Callum McGowan, Director of RF Networks at BSO, said: “Traders using BSO’s other RF network routes are well accustomed to the exceptional service we deliver and the benefits our solution-orientated, passionate team provide – unrivalled market access, latencies and knowledge. Firms trading on these Canadian marketplaces can now enjoy the same advantages with our new RF service.” 

    BSO’s RF network expansion is the latest milestone in the company’s international expansion strategy. BSO recently announced it has broadened its on-demand Cloud Connect offering with Alibaba Cloud and earlier this year BSO expanded into South America with 10 new data centre locations.