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  • Globus Infocom introduced AI Face Recognition Temperature Screening product

    Published on September 18, 2021

    Globus Infocom, a leading edtech solution provider company in education and healthcare sector has recently introduced their new AI Face recognition temperature screening product.  It includes a AI Face Recognition Temperature Screening Terminal for early isolation of infected individuals. The Access Control System with advanced temperature sensor to deny access to people with fever (which is one of the symptoms of viral infection).

    It comes with features like Built-in Temperature Detection, Fever Warning, Mask Detection, etc to make sure that no individual with fever or without mask enters the designated premises. This is done to prevent any outbreak at the organization and ensure early management of suspected cases.

    The temperature detecting sensors record the temperature and detect elevated temperatures without making any physical contact with the subject. It is fast in speed and very accurate to ensure convenient and quick scanning of incoming crowd at places like offices, shopping malls, metro stations, hotels, banks, etc.

    Features of Globus AI Face Recognition Temperature Screening Terminal

    • Aircraft-grade aluminium and 7” ISP LCD screen 1024*600
    • Face Recognition, Face Capture, Face Comparison
    • Built-in Temperature Detection, Fever Warning, Mask Detection
    • Support temperature records
    • Non-contact forehead temperature detection to prevent cross-infection
    • Temperature Measurement Range – 89.6°F ~ 109.4°F
    • Temperature Measurement Accuracy ±0.4°F
    • Unit Conversion support Fahrenheit(℉) and Celsius(℃)
    • Temperature Detection Distance is 3~5Cm
    • Recognition Speed/Accuracy: 200ms, 99.5%
    • Face database 30,000pcs,support date import and output

    Area of Application

    AI Face Recognition Temperature Screening Terminal can be used at the entrance of places that receive heavy footfall everyday. It can be deployed to control access in Offices, Banks, Airports, Shopping Stores, Colleges, Universities, Schools, Public Transport etc. to detect fever in people and also single out individuals who are found without face mask.

    While the economies are opening up in calibrated manner, the onus lies in our hands to practice self-precautions and follow the advisory issued by the Health Ministry of India. We are in this together and have to work together to ensure our safety.


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