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GLS University signs agreement with UK’s Leeds Beckett University

 Ahmedabad: The GLS University has signed a collaboration agreement to offer The UK’s Leeds Beckett University’s (LBU) programmes for bachelor’s degree in international business management & computer science.

This agreement between the two universities will allow students to complete the first year of their programme at GLS University and the remaining duration at Leeds Becket University campus in the UK. The emphasis of this programme will be on outcome-based learning.

The partnership will not only help in reducing the financial burden on students but also ensure that they are familiar with LBU’s course curriculum and the teaching methodology before they transition to studying in the UK. By being taught by trained faculty members, students will be better prepared to navigate the education system at LBU. Moreover, students will have ample time to prepare for their visa processes.

The official inauguration of this academic collaboration and international programme between the two universities took place at GLS University on Saturday in the presence of UPSC Chairman and Chief Guest Dr. Manoj Soni.

GLS University’s President, Mr. Sudhir Nanavati, Executive Director, Dr. Chandni Kapadia, Officiating for LBU Vice Chancellor, Prof. Peter Slee, The Dean of Built Environment, Engineering and Computing, Dr. Akin Akintoye, and The Dean of Leeds Business School, Prof. George Lodorfos also graced the ceremony.

Delivering the welcome address, Dr. Chandni Kapadia, said, “This collaboration with Leeds Beckett University aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing our students with global exposure and academic excellence. With a robust institutional framework, this collaboration will also open doors to exciting career opportunities in the UK and beyond. We look forward to working closely with Leeds Beckett University and building further on this exciting partnership.”

Earlier, Jayshree Raghuraman, South Asia Head of LBU, shared an overview of the programme.

UPSC Chairman, Dr. Manoj Soni highlighted the role of internationalisation of Indian universities and the focus on implementation of the New Education Policy 2020 by all educational institutes to facilitate the holistic development of students.

The Dean of Built Environment, Engineering and Computing at LBU, Dr. Akin Akintoye, and The Dean of Leeds Business School at LBU, Prof. George Lodorfos also admire this collaboration and remark this day as a historic day for educational field of both the universities & countries.

Mr. Sudhir Nanavati, President, GLS University, said the collaboration between the two universities offers a myriad of benefits that transcend geographical boundaries and cultural differences. “It will contribute to economic growth and societal development by nurturing a skilled workforce, fostering innovation, and promoting cross-border partnerships. GLS University is committed to opening and promoting more such programmes in the future,” Mr Nanavati said.

The partnership between GLS University and LBU will not only produce highly skilled graduates but also facilitate international research collaborations. Additionally, students enrolled in these programs will have the flexibility to complete their remaining education at GLS University if they choose not to study abroad.

Dee Reid, Director of External Relations, LBU, Julie Barnaby, Director of Global Engagement, Leeds Business School, LBU, Lord Allan Jones, Course Director, Built Environment, Engineering and Computing, LBU, and Dominic Ramsden, Quality Manager, LBU, Dr. Dharmesh Shah, Provost, GLS University & Mr. Hemant Agrawal were also present at the ceremony.

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