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  • Thursday, March, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 02:21:45
  • India’s fastest growing airline GoAir is on an expansion spree. Effective 19th July 2019 GoAir will commence its maiden flights to and from Delhi – Abu Dhabi with fares starting at Rs 7,098;  Mumbai – Abu Dhabi fares starting at Rs 6,599 and Mumbai – Muscat fares starting at Rs 7,100.


    On 25th July 2019 GoAir will commence maiden flights to and from Delhi – Bangkok with fares starting at Rs 8,197 and Kannur – Dubai fares starting at Rs 6,200. On 1st August 2019 GoAir will commence its maiden flights to and from Mumbai – Bangkok with fares starting at Rs 8,498. Subsequently, GoAir will start Kannur – Kuwait flights.

    On the domestic front, GoAir is strengthening its Hyderabad operations with 8 new flights from Hyderabad to Cochin (fares starting from Rs 3,240), Chennai (1,724), Jaipur (Rs 2,373), Bengaluru (Rs 1,811), Chandigarh (Rs 4,250) and Patna (Rs 3,295). Out of these, 2 flights are frequency additions on existing Hyderabad – Bengaluru – Hyderabad sector making it a day return product.

    All these new sectors will further strengthen the airline’s growing network and travelers will now have the opportunity to explore the affordable travel experience that GoAir is acknowledged with. To support the network expansion GoAir is enhancing its aircraft fleet too. Today, GoAir took delivery of its 51st aircraft, and going forward the airline will be will be adding at least one aircraft every month. That translates into more flights, more destinations and more smart options for the consumers. Till date GoAir has flown approximately 73.3 million passengers since its inception. The company aims to touch the magic figure of 100 million passengers in the next two years.


    GoAir has emerged as India’s most reliable airline clocking best-on-time performance for several months. Come 20th July 2019 and the airline will once again emerge winner with best OTP, for the 10th consecutive month, a record of sorts. Besides, there is new senior management onboard GoAir:

    ü  Ms. Miranda Mills, COO

    ü  Mr. Sanjay Gupta, CFO

    ü  Mr. Arjun Dasgupta, VP – International Operations

    ü  Mr. Samir Patel, VP – Network Planning

    ü  Mr. Harjinder Singh Bhasin, VP – Airports

    ü  Ms. Shabnam Syed, VP – Marketing & E-Commerce

    ü  Mr. Graham Parker, VP – Revenue Management

    ü  Mr. Richard Nanton, VP – Flight Operations


    Commenting on the expansion, Mr. Jeh Wadia, Managing Director, GoAir, said, “We have embarked on an aggressive expansion plan and the new flights are manifestation of that strategy. This is a milestone moment for us to have announced seven new international destinations within a year of commencement of our international operations. The global and regional expansion has been planned to allow quick and convenient connections for passengers and is a reflection of our continued journey towards excellence. ”


    International new flights schedule:

    Flt No. Dep. Stn. Arr. Stn. Dep. Time Arr. Time Frequency Effective * Starting fares Rs.
    G8 75 Delhi Abu Dhabi 18:25 21:05 Daily 19-Jul-19 7098
    G8 76 Abu Dhabi Delhi 22:15 03:50 Daily 19-Jul-19 8397
    G8 37 Delhi Bangkok 07:15 13:00 Daily 25-Jul-19 8197
    G8 38 Bangkok Delhi 14:00 16:25 Daily 25-Jul-19 8599
    G8 25 Mumbai Bangkok 13:45 19:55 Daily 01-Aug-19 8498
    G8 26 Bangkok Mumbai 20:55 23:30 Daily 01-Aug-19 9299
    G8 5 Mumbai Abu Dhabi 15:05 16:45 Daily 19-Jul-19 6599
    G8 6 Abu Dhabi Mumbai 17:45 22:20 Daily 19-Jul-19 7597
    G8 29 Mumbai Muscat 23:00 00:25 Daily 19-Jul-19 7100
    G8 30 Muscat Mumbai 01:25 05:45 Daily 20-Jul-19 8597
    G8 57 Kannur Dubai 19:05 21:55 Thu, Fri, Sun 25-Jul-19 6200
    G8 57 Kannur Dubai 19:30 22:20 Mon, Tue, Wed, Sat 27-Jul-19 6200
    G8 58 Dubai Kannur 00:20 05:55 Daily 25-Jul-19 5997

    * Subject to availability



    New domestic flights schedule:

    Flight No. Dep. Stn. Arr. Stn. Dep. Time Arr. Time Frequency Effective * Starting fares


    G8 501 HYD COK 07:10 08:30 Daily 07th Aug 2019 3240
    G8 502 COK HYD 09:00 10:30 Daily 07th Aug 2019 2747
    G8 503 HYD MAA 11:05 12:15 Daily 07th Aug 2019 1724
    G8 504 MAA HYD 12:45 13:55 Daily 07th Aug 2019 1375
    G8 505 HYD JAI 14:40 16:40 Daily 07th Aug 2019 2373
    G8 506 JAI HYD 17:10 19:10 Daily<