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  • Sunday, April, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 12:58:30
  •   New Delhi: GoSats, a pioneer in Bitcoin Rewards, announced the addition of Gold Rewards to its rewards ecosystem. Users will have the flexibility to seamlessly swap between Gold Rewards and Bitcoin to meet their individual financial goals.

    Commenting on the incredible success, Mohammed Roshan, Co-Founder, GoSats said, “We are delighted to announce that with the addition of Gold Rewards, our customers now have the opportunity to transform spends into valuable long-term growing assets which will go a long way to tailor their asset accumulation strategy. This unique opportunity for passive savings and wealth creation will facilitate accumulation of some of the hardest, most sought out asset classes in the simplest way possible using an engine that allows users to easily swap between Gold and Bitcoin, the 2 of the Hardest assets in existence, offering a whole new dimension to financial planning.”

    Through its partnership network, GoSats allows customers to maintain their spending habits and shop from their favourite portals and enjoy getting Gold Rewards and Bitcoin as rewards instead of saving in cash or points or miles or other forms of loyalty. This would absolutely reverse the complete theory of the impact of spending money because with Gold Rewards, every transaction made gives users the opportunity to work towards securing their financial future.

    Today, India has well over 200 million Gold investors, and about 15 million Crypto investors. Not only are these numbers growing rapidly but they are fast attracting a segment of the population that has historically been highly risk-averse to investing. However, these users who are signing up or have signed up for the GoSats app can transact in India, and customers instead of just getting a simple cashback or loyalty points can passively invest in Gold or Bitcoin instead.

    GoSats’ unique proposition is to transform everyday expenses into valuable growing assets and change how we perceive the act of spending money. In the near future, along with Gold Rewards and Bitcoin, GoSats is looking to expand and introduce other valuable asset classes which can potentially grow in value, providing a pathway for users to securing a better financial future for themselves.


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