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    Gotouniversity An Educational Platform Offers Various Program To Study Abroad

    Published on January 13, 2022

    Chennai : GoToUniversity.com is world’s most comprehensive and easy to navigate educational platform providing information about Universities, Colleges and other educational institutions worldwide. GoToUniversity.com supports Student to find and Study Abroad Destinations. GoToUniversity.com influence students when choosing the country they want to study. USA, UK and Canada have been the most popular study destinations for more than a decade. These countries have accepted students from across the globe to increase their talent pool.

    Students are looking for more alternatives like Ireland, Australia, UAE and Singapore. These countries are the budding destinations for study abroad preferences. Survey and research by GoToUniversity.com, the best study abroad portal, revealed that students are now more open to studying abroad than ever before. The survey also revealed that although the UK and USA remain the top choice as study abroad destinations. Students can also take the benefit of doing universities comparison, reviews and rankings of the shortlist universities based on their profile and budget.

    GoToUniversity.com, the best study abroad portal have shown their support to international students by introducing promising policies such as a 2-year post-study work permit in UK post-BREXIT and recently Australia has announced 3 years of post-study work visa permits for Master degree aspirants. Students are looking for courses with more promising jobs in future like Medical, Healthcare, Computer Science, Actuarial Science, Law, Data Analytics and more.

    Varun Iyer – Study Abroad Educational Consultant, GoToUniversity.com, said we guide our students with different academic backgrounds for various countries like Canada, Ireland, UK, the USA, New Zealand, Europe. GoToUniversity.com will support multicultural students from various curriculums to study at top global universities such as Waterloo, York, Ryerson, Amsterdam, Queen Mary, KCL, Edinburgh, TU Berlin, TCD, UCD, Monash, CMU, NUI, Galway and many more.

    Study Abroad Educational Portal – GoToUniversity.com

    Amidst this race to secure a seat in the world’s top colleges, many students realize their dreams of studying at a university of their choice as they possess the right knowledge and have the availability of resources at their disposal. Others lack proper guidance, information, and training, thereby missing out on vital information required to build a successful career.

    The educational experts at GoToUniversity are aiming to fill this gap by stepping in to assist such deserving students and ensure they have access to the right information required to fulfill their higher education dreams. The team at GotoUniversity comprises educational experts who share well-researched information and experience with the students and parents to help them make the informed decision regarding higher education. With almost a decade of experience guiding, counselling, and mentoring more than 20,000 students to globally recognized universities and colleges, the GoToUniversity team has the expertise to help students reach their higher education destination.