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  • Government of Odisha is the first state to place order for OmiSure for Omicron detection

    Published on January 11, 2022

    TATA Medical and Diagnostics Ltd. (TATA MD) has received an order for 5 lakh tests from Odisha State Medical Corporation Limited (OSMCL). The Government of Odisha is the first state in the country to order the TATA MD CHECK OmiSure RT- PCR tests developed in partnership with ICMR for detection of the Omicron variant of COVID. As OmiSure specifically identifies Omicron without the need for sequencing, it will help the government to combat the Omicron spread within the state.

    Mr. Girish Krishnamurthy, CEO and Managing Director, TATA Medical and Diagnostics Ltd. said, “OmiSure is the only test that can specifically detect the Omicron variant at the point of testing. We would like to thank the Government of Odisha, the first state in the country that has decided to use TATA MD OmiSure for COVID testing and would provide all necessary support.”

    TATA MD CHECK RT-PCR OmiSure is the only test approved by the ICMR for RT-PCR detection of the Omicron variant. It targets 3 gene with a single tube, fully multiplexed assay in a unique design that identifies simultaneous S-gene Target Failure (SGTF) and S-Gene Mutation Amplification (SGMA). Its confirmatory evaluation of RdRP target with internal controls leads to accurate diagnosis with significant reduction in the risk of false-positive reactions from contamination in control materials. OmiSure uses the standard qPCR workflow, compatible with commonly used qPCR platforms with 4+ channels.


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