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  • Govind Bhadu’s seminars & video are inspiring students to get a furturistic track

    Published on September 15, 2021

    Govind Bhadu is a popular motivational speaker. He speaks at educational institutes, government bodies and volunteer agencies.His stellar education and diverse professional background makes him the ideal person to share his thoughts and experiences on topics such as Life Management,leadership, passion, motivation,Positive thinking achieving goals etc.

    Govind Bhadu is probably one of the most recognized faces of middle class success who never shied away from chasing his dreams and passion. He is the one motivational speaker who made India of small cities read and think through his sessions and videos. Govind Bhadu is trying to motivate people by posting a variety of short motivational videos based on different subjects on Facebook and other social media handle.

    Govind Bhadu managed to scale great heights and reach the peak of success because he followed his heart and pursued his dreams. When you are genuinely interested in something, you will work hard and dedicate your life to making your dream a reality. Govind Bhadu also followed the same, this story and way motivates youth. They saw their future in the face of Govind Bhadu. As his story of struggle create a mirror image infront of these young minds who are seeking for success in their upcoming lives.
    He has a good fans following on social media. He presents such stories which is directly related to middle class youth. As well as he himself belonging to a middle class family. He does not have any resource, he started from the very beginning without any previous experience. He still working as a big hand for encouraging youth. He has a dream to stand with such minds who need his words to move on.

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