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  • Govt adopting a multi-pronged strategy to combat problem of Child Labour

    Published on June 12, 2019

    Government is adopting a multi pronged strategy to combat the problem of Child Labour and emphasizing on the importance of implementation of the various acts and rules to eliminate the child labour.

    Secretary in Labour and Employment Ministry Heeralal Samariya said, the ideal place for a child is school and not work. Speaking at an event in New Delhi today, he said,the employment of a Child below 14 years is completely prohibited in any occupation or processes. He said, census 2011 shows decline in Child Labour which has come down to 1.01 crore as compared to 1.26 crore in 2001. Speaking on the occasion, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Labour and Employment Kalpana Rajsinghot discussed about the various policy initiatives and schemes introduced by the Government towards the elimination of child labour. She said that National Child Labour Project aims to eliminate all forms of child labour through identification and preparing children withdrawn from work for main stream education along with vocational training.