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    Published on July 31, 2010

    Granules India Ltd., a vertically integrated formulation manufacturer, announced several new leadership roles within the Company. Dr. Bhaskar Krishna Arumugam, who previously served as Chief Operating Officer, will serve as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Pranesh Raj Mathur, who serves as Chief Financial Officer, will take on additional responsibilities as the President of the API Division. Mr. Harsha Chigurupati, who previously served as Chief Marketing Officer, will serve as Executive Director and Chief Strategic Officer.

    Mr. C. Krishna Prasad will continue his role as Managing Director and will focus on the Company’s growth and long-term strategy. As CEO, Dr. Bhaskar Krishna will be directly responsible for the Company’s PFI and formulation divisions in addition to the Company’s overall performance; he will continue to report to the Managing Director. Mr. Mathur, who will continue to serve as CFO, will be responsible for the Company’s API Division along with several corporate functions. Mr. Mathur will report to the CEO. Mr. Chigurupati will focus on growth opportunities including evaluating strategic alternatives and diversifying the Company’s business.

    “We decided to create these roles in order to ensure we are in the best position to continue growing. Our new reporting structure will create more accountability within the Company and will enable us to be more responsive and tackle market challenges more effectively. Dr. Bhaskar Krishna and Mr. Mathur, who have been key members in developing our strategy and have played an integral part in our success over the last several years, will continue to focus on growing our existing business while Mr. Chigurupati will explore ways to expand our business.” said C. Krishna Prasad, Managing Director of Granules.ip