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  • Grooming Essentials for the Urbane Man to Make them Back-to-office Ready

    Published on October 22, 2021

    Whilst the world wavered under the shock waves the pandemic kept sending the way, we all enjoyed our fair share of spa days and time for self indulgence.  While juggling our work from home duties and responsibilities, we explored various tips, tricks, and products to understand what suits us best. But, to our surprise, as offices start to open up and we all prepare ourselves for the morning commute, it is equally imperative to nail that corporate look while you step into your hallways back again.

    In the tough corporate environment, just like our team backs us up against all the crises and difficulties, our skin too needs a tough partner that can back our skin while we spiritedly take on the corporate world. But, before you go ahead and fill your trolleys and carts with products, do not forget that it’s not skin care if it only solves one problem.

    So we list below some effective options for you to get your hands on that can keep you on top of your skin care game –

    1.            A Scrub to shoo away all that dirt

    Scrubbing is an essential part of even the most beginner skin care routine and this product by The Man Company is your perfect pick. With ingredients like charcoal, the scrub gently eliminates the dead skin, dirt and blackheads unclogging the pores of the skin.  The medicinal properties in eucalyptus keep the skin clean and prevent acne and pimples keeping it clean and clear. With the goodness of lemongrass, the scrub detoxifies the skin and keeps it fresh and glowing.

    2.            An all-rounder face wash

    Once you have a good scrub, you need to add an effective and rough and tough face wash that can help your skin take a breather from all pollutants, dirt and excess sebum that deposit on our faces after a long day. Nivea Men’s Oil Control All In 1 Face Wash targets multiple concerns like acne, dark spots, excess oil and more. Its multi effect oil control cleansing system helps with maintaining a smooth, refreshed and radiant skin. With its cooling mud formula, it cleanses and removes excess oils, impurities deeply in pores. Also, its deep clean action reduces and prevents blackheads and whiteheads for

    3.            A beard wash for your precious whiskers

    While cleaning the face is important, it is equally essential to get rid of the dirt and pollutants that cling to our precious stubble while we go about our day. When it comes to counting the best things in the world of thee, Groomd is one brand you can always count on! Beard Wash by Groomd is formulated with natural ingredients like Avacado, Coconut oil and Hibiscus to maintain the overall health of our beard. It helps to get rid of beard dandruff, grime and excess oil and softens and nourishes the beard. It cleanses the beard and makes it smooth along with deep cleansing and hydrating the skin underneath.

    4.            A Serum to add to your vogue

    Serum may not be the first product in a routine, but is definitely the most important one. Serums are specialized formulations that repair and rejuvenate the skin from within by deeply penetrating the layers of the skin. e’clat High profile men’s Restore serum is a revolutionary addition to men’s skin care. With active ingredients like EFG, one of the best skin repairing nutrients, it helps to keep the effects of ageing at bay. Enriched with superox-c, the serum protects the skin against oxidative stress, reduces wrinkles & boosts skin luminosity and restores the luminosity of the skin.

    5.            A sunscreen to seal the deal!

    Whether indoors or outdoors, sunscreen is, must no matter what. Apart from proving as a shield against UVA and UVB rays of the sun, the sunscreen also keeps the harmful effects of the blue rays of the electronic devices and screens at bay. Totally parabens and sulphates free this sunscreen by Ustraa keeps sun damage 6-feet-away from your precious skin preventing the skin from tanning and emergence of dark spots. Developed especially for the Indian weather, the sunscreen doesn’t leave any residue making your skin feel light and protected.

    Being back in the office is going to be a journey back in time. As all we prepare ourselves to dive back into the world of long meetings, team briefs, client calls and presentations, these products will keep your skin power packed to help you sail through with panache and style.