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  • Wednesday, August, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 01:52:59
  • Japan: The Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA), the voice of the global semiconductor industry, has announced, the organization is expanding its collaborative platform to Japan. The decision to expand was based on the importance of Japan in the global semiconductor ecosystem. The expansion includes the appointment of a Japanese executive to the GSA board of directors, the appointment of an emerging company CEO to the AP Leadership Council and an inaugural global leadership forum in Japan.

    Japan plays an integral role in the semiconductor industry representing nearly 20% of the semiconductor market and more than 25% of the top 100 electronics suppliers. It is a critical region for GSA members from an end market, supplier and partner perspective. The GSA also recognizes that Japanese companies are moving to a fab-lite business model and has expertise in helping drive collaboration. Furthermore, Japan has some of the world’s most innovative companies for gaming, cameras, computing and DTVs, to name a few.

    The GSA expansion strategy includes the appointment Mr. Shozo Saito to the GSA board of directors. Mr. Saito was appointed by the Board because of his business acumen, technological leadership and progressive leadership skills. Having this type of leadership will be important to other Japanese leaders on the value of global networking and collaboration. Mr. Saito is the first Japanese executive to serve on the GSA board of directors. His term begins in December 2010. Mr. Saito currently serves as the Corporate Executive Vice President and CEO of Electronics Devices and Components Group for Toshiba Corporation.

    “I am honored to be extended an invitation to join the GSA’s board of directors and I accepted the position and responsibility,” said Mr. Saito. “It is an important opportunity to help shape and drive the work of the GSA in Japan. I look forward to working with other global leaders to address the business and technology challenges that face the semiconductor industry. For Toshiba we embrace the opportunity to work within an organization that represents the entire semiconductor ecosystem and one that operates in a global manner.”

    Mr. Saito joined Toshiba Corporation in April of 1973. He helped develop high-density DRAMs in Toshiba’s R&D Center and in its Semiconductor Device Engineering Laboratory. In 1998, Mr. Saito transferred to Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. He returned to Japan in April 2000 as General Manager of the DRAM Department. In 2002, Mr. Saito served as the Technology Executive of the memory business, and ultimately was promoted to Vice President and General Manager of the Memory Division. In 2007, he expanded his responsibility as President & CEO of Toshiba Semiconductor Company and Corporate Senior Vice President of Toshiba Corporation. Mr. Saito earned his bachelor of science degree in applied physics from Waseda University in 1973.

    “The involvement of Mr. Saito and his support of GSA’s efforts will be critical to our success in Japan,” said Nicky Lu, chairman of GSA. “This will give us the opportunity to share our collaborative approach with a Japanese audience, while getting the guidance and leadership on a variety of global issues. The GSA leadership believes that Saito-san is one of the most progressive leaders in Japan and we look forward to learning from his experience.”

    Additionally, the GSA will host a global leaders forum on March 1, 2011 in Tokyo entitled “GSA Semiconductor Leaders Forum Japan: Advancing Future Market Opportunities Through Global Collaboration.” This event is intended for 125 leading global semiconductor executives. The entire GSA board of directors will be in attendance to support this event. Media will be invited to a press conference during the event and details will be forthcoming.

    Further promoting the Alliance’s expansion into Japan, GSA’s Asia-Pacific Leadership Council appointed Dr. Tetsuya Iizuka, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of THine Electronics, Inc. to its roster in September of this year.

    “The addition of Dr. Iizuka-san to the Asia-Pacific Leadership Council extends the council’s diversity of knowledge and industry experiences. GSA is devoted to identifying the best and brightest global leaders who have a passion for this organization. I feel honored to have his participation,” said Jodi Shelton, Co-Founder and President of GSA. “Dr. Iizuka’s support will help us to achieve one of GSA’s major goals in 2011 and beyond of expanding mutual collaboration between Japan and the global semiconductor industry.”

    Dr. Iizuka founded THine Microsystems in 1991 and THine Electronics in 1992; the latter initially being a joint venture with Samsung Electronics. Prior to this, Dr. Iizuka took a leadership role at Toshiba as General Manager of the LSI Development Department of Toshiba’s Semiconductor Device Engineering Laboratory. He was a resident engineer at HP IC Lab from 1980 to 1981. He served as the visiting professor at the University of Tokyo. Dr. Iizuka has been chairman of the Japanese Semiconductor Ventures Association (JASVA) since its establishment in 2000. Dr. Iizuka received the honor of Entrepreneur of the Year (EOY) Japan in 2001, sponsored by Ernst & Young, a Medal with Blue Ribbon in 2006 and a Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon in 2010. Dr. Iizuka earned his Ph.D. in electronic engineering from the University of Tokyo in 1975.