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GSK Consumer Healthcare launches ‘Eat, Speak & Smile with Confidence’ campaign for recently launched Polident brand

GSK Consumer Healthcare, one of the leading consumer healthcare companies have launched the first campaign for their Denture Care brand, Polident in India. Eat, Speak & Smile with Confidencecampaign attempts to create a relatable conversation with denture wearers to enjoy simple pleasures of life without worrying about dentures & associated social embarrassment – thus, bringing out the benefits of using World’s No. 1 Denture Care brand.

People with dentures constantly worry about embarrassing social situations that they might experience because of their dentures. This leads them to be alert and vigilant even while enjoying simple happy moments that life has to offer– like eating their favorite foods, speaking or even laughing in front of others.

The film starts with a man in early 50s meeting a friend during an everyday social occasion. When offered a hard food like chakli or murukku, the host cautions him to be careful with dentures. The guest meanwhile confidently bites into the food and proudly announces that he enjoys his food without worrying about dentures, as Polident holds his dentures in place all day long. 

Through a relatable situation, the campaign creates awareness that one is not alone in dealing with their dentures, be it partial or a full denture. It also shows the benefits of Polident denture fixative – in ensuring a secure denture fit and thereby enabling denture wearers to live a confident life without worrying about dentures. The campaign has been launched as a television commercial and a digital film.

Speaking on the campaign, Ms. Anurita Chopra, Area Marketing Lead- Oral Health, GSK Consumer Healthcare elaborated, “Today, 1 out of every 7 Indian above the age of 45 wears a denture & majority of them are unaware of products that can help them take care of their dentures. Through this campaign, we want to create awareness of Polident Denture Fixative product in a simple, relatable way. The campaign aims to position Polident as the new age companion for denture wearers, enabling them to enjoy simple pleasures of life without worrying about dentures.

Polident is the global leader in Denture Care category and offers products to improve comfort, hygiene & oral health of people who wear dentures. Polident Denture Fixative cream was launched last month in India by GSK to strengthen its Oral Care portfolio, which already consists of Sensodyne range of toothpaste and toothbrushes.

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