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  • Guardian Holidays launches Nrutya Yatri – Country’s first ever dancing tours

    Published on June 26, 2011

    Pune:  When Pune based businesswoman and Bharat Natyam dancer Meghana Sabade along with internationally renowned Bharat Natyam dancer and guru Swati Daithankar decided to combine their passion of dance with business and that too in tourism , they came up with the idea of launching country’s first ever dancing tours!

    Speaking to reporters the director of the Guardian Holidays, Mrs.Meghana Sabade said that after nearly a year of background work the company will be launching Nrutya Yatri. The motto of Guardian Holidays has always been “More than tourism “and we just decided to add these tours to our innovative ranges of offbeat tours like Educational Tour for children to USA and Singapore, Guardian Cycling Holidays, Guardian Cricket tours, Guardian Agro Tours which are a part from our large range of national and international leisure tours.

    “As a dancer I always wanted to go and see the great dance festivals in India and abroad and also be a part of these shows. My experience in the tourism industry and knowledge of dance helped me to launch this unique concept,” added Mrs. Sabade.

    The first Nrutya Yatri tour will start with a tour to the Chennai dance festival, a trip to Tanjavur, the Nataraj temple at Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu and the Kalakhestra Cultural Academy, where young and aspiring dancers can see and observe the history of Indian classical dance, attend a few dance classes and be a part of various seminars, workshops and interactions with internationally acclaimed gurus and dancers.

    Mrs.Swati Daithankar said, “Indian classical dance has been passed down with times and it is our responsibility to keep the same interest amongst the youngsters. The tours will provide them am insight into the fascinating journeys of dance, the rich history associated with it and also will introduce places which have been forgotten”.

    Mrs.Meghana Sabade also added that the tours will provide an opportunity for the participants to perform at these places,and that she also plans to expand the same to music, singing , abhinaya and yoga . After the trip to Chennai Dance Festival, ” Nrutya Yatri” will also plan tours to Kolkatta ( Shantiniketan ), Kalamandalam ( Kerala), Lucknow Dance Festival ( Uttar Pradesh), Khajurao Dance festival ( Madhya Pradesh ) and Nrutya Gram ( Orissa) as a part of their ongoing tours.