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    Guide to MBA in Marketing

    Published on January 20, 2020

    Masters of Business administration or MBA is one of the most desired degrees over recent times. Both students and employers all around the world pursue it to boost their careers. As the name suggests, an MBA teaches different aspects of business and gives students the knowledge of the way the different companies operate, while getting them ready for becoming an efficient manager.

    With technological advancement and the shift to digital marketing, people with MBA in Marketing are highly in demand. The majority of the businesses today have their team of marketing whose primary work is to bring customers to the company. That is why there are a variety of job opportunities related to marketing available today. Thus, if you are interested in digital or online marketing, choosing MBA in Marketing is an excellent way to pave a bright future for yourself. Below is a quick guide for people interested in an MBA in Marketing.

    What is an MBA in Marketing?

    An MBA in Marketing is a two-year post-graduate program offered by hundreds of universities in India. In simple terms, a person doing this course gains business knowledge by learning and understanding the marketing part of it. In the first year, you will be studying a standard syllabus no matter what specialisation you have chosen. You will explore things like HR, Finance, Operations, etc. In the second year, you will be focusing on marketing, which means you will study everything like Digital Marketing, Product Development, Brand Building, Communications, etc. You will also need to do some project work and case studies to gain insight into the real world of business. After completing the course, you will be fully equipped and trained to handle the role of a manager and seek jobs in different companies.

    Who is eligible for MBA in Marketing?

    If you are someone who strongly wishes to play a significant role in the ever-changing marketing world, then you are a perfect fit for studying MBA in Marketing. You should be inclined to the profession of marketing and might be interested in sectors such as advertisement, entertainment, sales, and promotions. Also, you should have some essential skills like excellent communication, the ability to plan, strategic thinking, skills to sell a product, good analytical qualities, and logical problem-solving skills. Apart from having these essential qualities and interests, it would help if you met the following criteria listed below for pursuing MBA in marketing:

    • You should have completed a Bachelor’s degree in any subject from a recognised university and should have scored 50 per cent marks in it. Also, if you are in the final year of your undergraduate degree, you can apply for an MBA in Marketing, but your admission will be contingent on your passing the final exams.
    • You should have scored the minimum required marks in the standardised entrance exams for MBA programs such as CAT, GMAT, or other exams depending on what your dream college requires.
    • You should pass the group discussion and personal interview rounds.

    Important Subjects Included In MBA In Marketing

    MBA in marketing is a two-year program, and if you choose to pursue it, you will be studying subjects like Consumer Behavior, Demand Analysis, Market Survey, Profit and Loss, Cost Volume, etc. You will also build skills like communication, leadership, analytical thinking, and business ethics. The course will allow you to understand the marketing business, and acquire the ability to analyse and identify the market demands. Some important subjects included in the course curriculum are:


    • Economic Ethics and Marketing Ethics
    • Operation Management and Brand Management
    • Industrial Marketing
    • Consumer Behavior
    • Advertisement Management
    • Digital Marketing and Social Media Management
    • Marketing Audit
    • Sales Forecasting
    • Marketing Planning and Concepts of Marketing
    • International and Multinational Marketing

    Best Private Colleges For MBA In Marketing

    India has many colleges for studying MBA in Marketing, and Delhi NCR is the most popular destination to pursue this degree. But choosing the correct college for you can be a challenging task. You need to make sure that you select a college that has highly qualified professors, fantastic infrastructure, placements at par with the IIMs, and a reasonable fee. Some of the best private colleges in India for this course are:


    • Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur
    • Symbiosis School of Business Management, Pune
    • International Management Institute, Delhi
    • Amity Business School, Noida
    • BML Munjal University, Gurgaon
    • Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai
    • Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater Noida

    Job Opportunities After Completing MBA In Marketing

    If you have an MBA in Marketing degree, then there are ample job opportunities available for you in the market. You can choose between direct or digital marketing. Direct marketing is the old way of marketing and generally restricted to door-to-door trade. But digital marketing has opened up a whole new world of opportunities such as social media, search media optimization, search engine optimization or SEO, web designing, etc. You can choose from any of the full range of opportunities from the field of marketing to jump-start your career. But having an MBA in Marketing does not mean you can only work in marketing profiles. The skills and the knowledge you acquire prepare you for many other professions such as consultancy or active management. Some of the most common job profiles that you can apply for after completing your course are:


    • Head of Digital Marketing
    • Media Manager
    • Sales Manager
    • Product Manager
    • Corporate Sales
    • Asset Manager
    • Brand Manager
    • Marketing Manager


    The scope of an MBA in Marketing is unlimited. If you have this degree, then you can work in different industries such as Information Technology, Entertainment, Media, Communication, etc. You can pursue the degree from a top-notch college such as BML Munjal University that provides top-notch classes, state-of-the-art facilities, and esteemed expert faculties. You will have the opportunity to get a job in various sectors like Banking, Retail, Tourism, Hospitality, consultancy, etc. You can also work as lecturers and professors in prominent universities, where salaries and growth are fantastic. India is increasing and becoming a corporate hub; therefore, if you have an MBA in Marketing, then you will have many job opportunities and a bright future.