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  • Gujarat Tourism announcement on the exotic month long Rann Utsav Festival

    Published on December 4, 2011

    by NR INDRAN / INT

    Mumbai : Gujarat Tourism organized a Road Show in Mumbai at Hotel Trident showcasing the exotic month long Rann Utsav Festival in Kutch province of Gujarat.

    Shri. Vipul Mittra, Principal Secretary, Tourism and Mr. Sanjay Kaul, IAS, Commissioner &

    MD, Gujarat Tourism  was present to interact with the travel and tourism stakeholders of

    Mumbai. They also announced an array of events happening in Gujarat in the near future

    apart from Rann Utsav.

    The Rann Utsav (9thDecember 2011 to 15thJanuary 2012)

    The Kutch region in Gujarat abounds with splendid beaches, fascinating wildlife and

    beautiful palaces and monuments. During the nights of the winters amid the awe-inspiring

    and contrasting landscape each year a month long extravaganza brimming with hospitality,

    vigour and traditional flavour of the area is hosted in such environment which is very well

    known as the Rann Utsav. A plethora of varied hues, profusion of design, superfluity of

    culture, cornucopia of music and dance, all together in the arid lands of Kutch creates a

    mosaic of exquisiteness which reflects the identity and spirit of the region. Kutch, one of the

    most ecologically and ethnically diverse district of the state is a celebratory land of art,

    crafts, music, dance, people and nature is experienced during this festival.

    The  Utsav takes one around the natural grandiose while introducing the visitor to the

    indigenous cultural and ethnical flavor of the Kutchi people. While an array of folk music and

    dance performances organized in the shimmering moonlit landscape provides the most

    enchanting experience. TCGL organizes The Rann Utsav  every year and apart from

    Accommodation in tents – AC & Non AC at Dhorodo near white rann (white desert) provides

    various activities for the tourists like:

     Craft Bazaar – 30 nos.  ( live demonstration, production & sale of Kutchi handicrafts)

     Food stall – 15 nos.  (Kutchi/Kathiawari cuisine)

     Theme Pavilion and virtual tour of Kutch

     Cultural programs : On every Saturday and Sunday in the tent city

     Handicrafts of Kutch

     Cuisine of Kutch

     Desert Car Rally

     Camel ride

     Camel and Horse Derby

     Extended interaction of tourists with local communities

     Special tours on demand in to the Rann

     Adventure sports

     Various contests for tourists of all age groups MICE facilities for corporate (conference tent with capacity of 25 persons)

     Sand Sculpture

     Live telecast of Flamingo

     ATV- All Terrain Vehicle

     Hot Air Ballooning

    The 3 nights-4 day tour package cost per person would be 9500/- for AC and 8000 for NonAC tents and 2 nights- 3 days tour package is priced at 7000/- for AC and 6000 for Non-AC.

    These packages cover all meals, sightseeing, drop-off facilities, etc. 400 Tents ( 200 AC & 200

    Non AC ).Around 100 Tents by Private Sector.

    Event details

    Kutch Carnival : 9.12.11 (5:15 to 8:30 pm)

    White Rann Safari and Cultural Program at Dhordo : 10.12.11 (6:15 to 8:15 pm)

    New year packages : 25.12.11 to 31.12.11

    Beach Cultural programmes – Mandvi beach : 25.12.11

    Kite Flying in White Rann : 14.1.12 & 15.1.12

    Para Gliding Festival (25

    thDecember to 31stDecember,2011)

    Saputara is a beautiful and densely wooded hill station located in the  Dang District of

    Southern Gujarat. Lying on a picturesque plateau of the Sahyadari ranges, Saputara is

    situated at an altitude of more than 1000 meters. Blessed with a pleasant climate, winters

    make Saputara an ideal destination for week-end holidays and picnics. To add to this

    attraction, this December a Para Gliding Festival is being organized at this location from 25

    th to 31stDecember, 2011. The main attractions of the Festival would be Paragliding,

    Paraplane/Paramotor, Para Sailing, Water Sports, Artificial Rock Climbing, etc.

    International Kite Festival (10th January to 15th January 2012)

    This festival is held on the 14th of February that coincides with the Festival of Uttarayan.

    The people of Gujarat celebrate Uttarayan with a lot of enthusiasm and all business comes

    to a grinding halt for 3 to 4 days. People of all ages gather on the terraces or the roof and

    engage in kite flying. There is music in the air (courtesy of numerous decks and stereo

    players) and all sorts of delicious food. The vast panorama of the sky dotted with thousand

    of kites is a wonderful sight to  see. The Gujarat Tourism organises an International Kite

    Festival every year that attracts International Kite Flyers and Local Champions as well, who

    demonstrate their skills in flying exotic kites. Visitors come from around India for the

    celebration; many Gujaratis who live outside the state choose this time to make their trip

    home. The festival attracts international visitors from countless countries, including Japan,

    Italy, the UK, Canada, Brazil, Indonesia, Australia, the USA, Malaysia, Singapore, France,

    China, and many more.

    Global Bird Watcher’s Conference 2012 is being held at Ahmedabad next year. The

    first one was organized at Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary located at the North East coastal region

    of Jamnagar district in the Gulf of Kutch. The conference would cover Films on Wetlands of Gujarat, Interactive speeches by bird watchers, Group discussion and speeches on birds by

    reputed bird watchers/Ornithologists, Bird watching, Observing Marine bio-diversity, etc.

    International and nationally recognized ornithologists/bird watchers are expected to attend

    the four day conference in a big way. Registration details can be found on the website


    The field trips would include the following:

     Ahmedabad  – Nalsarovar  – Little Rann of Kutch (Bajana)  – Thol  – Ahmedabad

    (Overnight at Bajana)

     Ahmedabad – Bhavnagar Coastal Wetlands – Velavadar  – Ahmedabad (Overnight at


     Ahmedabad – Tarapur Wetlands – Khambhat – Ahmedabad (Overnight at Khambhat)

    Gujarat has everything to cater to the tastes of the tourists, whether it is mega events like

    Navratri or Wildlife at Gir Sanctuary or the exotic  Kutch or the exquisite handicrafts. Be it

    monuments or temples or desert, Gujarat has it all. The most important concern for any

    tourist is the safety aspect. Gujarat from eternal times has been known for their hospitable

    and warm hearted person which naturally becomes a perfect setting for tourism to grow

    and prosper and thus, a perfect holiday destination for the entire family.

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