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    Gujarat’s motivational speaker and social activist Mayurdhwajsinh J Parmar shares some important life lesson

    Published on June 11, 2021

    We all have had a tough time in our lives where we are not aware of what is happening in life. These are the times when we need the motivational push to do our best. That’s where the motivational speakers come into the picture. Among many top-notch names, Mayurdhwajsinh J Parmar is bringing effective change with his noteworthy speeches and commendable works for society. Based in Gujarat, he is widely known as the Yuvraj of the Kanjari state. According to Mayurdhwaj, the first and foremost thing to be highly motivated is to be grateful for everything.

    In a time when people complain about minute things, it is gratitude that most of them fail to practice. “We have got the best things in life, but we still have the attitude of complaining. It is important to realize that what we have in life might be a dream for many”, revealed Mayurdhwajsinh J Parmar. Additionally, he explains that people must not wait to know the starting point of anything. He said, “Don’t wait where to start from. Instead, start with what you have and where you are at any point of life.”

    Along with being an affluent motivational speaker, Mayurdhwaj is also known for his humble behaviour. Actively being a part of the BJP Yuva Morcha, the social activist has time and again helped come forward to help people in need. As a part of his philanthropic works, the social worker has contributed maximum towards the development of Gujarat state and the country. He has not just led initiative drives or made humongous donations but has also volunteered at various medical camps for people during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    On the other hand, Mayurdhwajsinh J Parmar has been an ardent supporter of education. He believes in “Padhega India, Tabhi Toh Badhega India.” The motivational speaker in a majority of his speeches has emphasized how education can change people’s fortunes. “Everyone has the right to educate, and I believe that education can create excellent employment opportunities for everyone. To be in the race with the other nations, we must understand the need for educating children and nurturing them with good values”, added Mayurdhwaj. Well, these core values and priceless life lessons shared by him have genuinely helped many individuals to prosper and do good in their lives.