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    Gulshan’s sustainable homes in sync with Earth Day theme

    Published on April 22, 2021

    Hydroponic farming, carbon footprint minimization, TFA outlets for improved air quality available in projects for energy conservation and quality living

    With this year’s Earth Day theme “Restore Our Earth”, Gulshan, one of the leading real estate developers, stands tall with its commitment to set benchmarks for constructing new age homes and commercial spaces that thrive on the principles of exclusive luxury and sustainability for the better future of humankind. The Gulshan group is on a mission to pass on a green world and prosperous cities to future generations; it is developing IGBC certified residential projects like Gulshan Dynasty  in Noida that offer a diverse range of thoughtfully chosen amenities adding value to the residents’ lifestyle and surrounding community.

    Talking about green and sustainable vision, Ms. Yukti Nagpal, Director, Gulshan Group, says, “All our projects in Noida and Greater Noida are equipped with green technologies and innovative environment conservative methods for restoring and improving the natural ecosystem. Our mission is to conceptualize projects that have no equivalent in the country. We have to understand that mitigation and adaptation are not the only ways to address climate change. The focus should be on a push for climate literacy, so the people can understand the need to take climate seriously; the more people realize the need to care about Mother Earth, the more they will understand that they are only caring about themselves.”

    Gulshan Group’s projects offer the ambitious concept of hydroponic farming that make organically produced edibles readily available for the residents; Dynasty offers one of the first residential units in Noida that implement TFA units at various points in the home to supply fresh air. HEPA filters or EACs are added to the TFA unit for a better result in air purification. The projects also use power generated from solar panels to lighten up the common areas, promote efficient usage of water, STP for waste treatment, and irrigation to minimize the carbon footprint. Such environmentally conscious practices facilitate the usage of recycled products and leads to waste reduction.

    Each project of Gulshan Group is conceived to deliver absolute indulgence in an organic setting. For cultivating a lifestyle in sync with wellness and fitness, Gulshan Dynasty offers unique spaces like pergola walkways, jungle gyms for workout sessions in the open air, meditation gardens, reflexology parks, indoor pools, and sunbathing decks that motivate the residents to feel better every day.

    The projects also follow a strategic plantation scheme with mosquito repellant and air purification plants that absorb particulate matter in the air and filter clean air by removing the pollutants. Mosquito repellent plants such as Ivory Tree and Holy Basil effectively reduce the chances of mosquito-borne diseases amongst the inhabitants.