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  • Gurus with Ego

    Published on January 13, 2014

    How astrology can “reveal” the real saint, the real sadhus..etc?

    This is Kali yuga. While a really spiritual person must continuously try to destroy ego, so many spiritual gurus are there around us with bloated egos which are easily offended at a hint of criticism or overly excited at sycophancy. Such gurus are not of much use.

    vinayakaBut how do separate the grains from the chaff? It is not easy, especially when there are just a few grains in the middle of a big pile of chaff. Astrology is useful but not that much. Astrologer’s mind, which makes the final judgments, works based on his/her prejudices and secret beliefs.

    In the past, many great souls used intellectual discrimination and intuition to judge one’s guru for a long time before whole-heartedly embracing one’s guru. In many traditions within Hinduism, this is encouraged. You do not accept a guru in an impulse. You “test” your guru and take your time to accept him. But, once you accept a person as your guru, you follow him faithfully.

    If you take Narendra (Swami Vivekananda), the celebrated disciple of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, he was a highly rational and skeptical young man. Though Ramakrishna had induced a samadhi in Narendra by mere touch in their second meeting itself, it was not enough to convince Narendra of Ramakrishna’s ability and purity. He thought the whole experience could just have been a hallucination/hypnotism and did not jump to any conclusion. As he visited Ramakrishna continuously, received love and knowledge from him and saw that Ramakrishna indeed walked the walk (as opposed to just talking the talk), he was slowly convinced of the purity of Ramakrishna. He then became a tireless soldier who dedicated his life to carrying out the mission of his guru!

    During the early stages, he even told Ramakrishna bluntly about the latter’s visions of Kali, Krishna,Rama etc, “Sir, they could all just be your imaginations or hallucinations”. Narendra did not even believe in god with a form and believed only in the formless. Ramakrishna was never offended at these comments.

    Other sishyas like Joginder (Swami Yogananda) also approached Ramakrishna skeptically and tested him for a duration. These young men who surrounded Ramakrishna weren’t blind men led by a blind man. They were all rishis or associates of rishis, who were reborn together for a purpose.

    They observed Ramakrishna for a while, confirmed that he practiced what he preached and realized that there was a valuable lesson in each action and word of his. They took a while to realize his purity and divinity, but once they realized they became faithful sishyas. He accepted them, loved them and taught them even before they realized his true nature and accepted him fully as their guru. He knew they were skeptical and testing him, but he was never offended (what good is a guru who cannot recognize a worthy student and what good is a guru whose ego is insulted at someone’s skepticism). Once they accepted him and became faithful sishyas, each one of them was also transformed into a really pure person who takes the entire life as a sadhana and maintains purity in every thought and action. Each sishya of a Ramakrishna was a role model in spiritual purity.

    One whose rinas draw one towards a fake guru gets such a guru because that is what his karmas entitle him to. The circumstances we have to face are based on the previous actions. But the current action (freewill) is in our hands. If one can truly believe from the deepest cores of heart that one’s guru is pure and like Shiva himself, follows guru blindly and entertains no doubt whatsoever, that WILL pay off one day. Nature WILL bring light into that person’s spiritual life. It is just a matter of time.

    Thus, I will not be judgmental about other gurus and their sishyas. If a sishya believes in his/her guru fully, so be it. It is not our business.

    But, if one were to find a guru like Ramakrishna Paramahamsa or Ramana Maharshi or Sri Aurobindo or Srila Prabhupada, it is one’s immense luck. However, the point I want to make is that having a great guru is not a guarantee of success and also having a fake guru is not a guarantee of failure!

    At the end of the day, the measure of success in any sadhana is the purity generated by that sadhana. The measure of the purity is the effacement of ego. If ego is reduced completely or eliminated, one is makingprogress. This can happen in spite of who is the guru, what one is doing etc.

    When the full grace of the Supreme Being falls on a person, any medium is sufficient to reflect that grace.

    Testing Guru

    Source : Vedic Wisdom, [email protected]


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