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  • Gym-Instructor Brings laurels to Lovely Professional University once again

    Published on December 15, 2010

    Punjab:Gym-Instructor of Lovely Professional University, Dharminder Singh has brought laurels to his University once again by being declared as WORLD CHAMPION-2010. The occasion was World Fitness & Body-Building Championship-2010, held at Kupele Brusno in Republic Slovakia. It was high prestige championship where competitors from 92 countries, all across the world, exhibited their body worth. It was held by internationally acclaimed World Fitness Federation (WFF) & World Body Building Federation (WBBF). And, it is for the second time in the History of Body Building Championships that an Indian snatched the Gold Medal in weight category 95 and over-all Mr. World Title, from the jaws of his very strong 42 rivals. He already has title of Mr Europe in his account.

    Congratulating him on his brilliant achievement, the Chancellor of LPU, Mr Ashok Mittal Said: “Even with humble origin and position, persons like Dharminder can prove their worth through determination and perseverance. They shine not only in their own country but on foreign lands also. We are very happy that the students getting training under him at the University Gym will certainly be benefitted through his achievements and experiences gained during world based competitions. For his further marvellous successes, all of his well-wishers at the University wish for him many of such coveted titles to bring more and more laurels to himself, University, as well as the nation.”

    Advising young Body-Builders, he says: “Challenges and failures teach us to achieve more and more in this world. The only things to observe are perseverance, belief and determination. The beginners should learn how to do the exercises correctly. They must start very light, get a feel for exercises and slowly practice by increasing the weights.” He further warned the youngsters to abhor and avoid usage of steroids, stimulants and intoxicants: “There is no short cut for Body-Building. Drugs, Steroids are slow killers. These do not make one grow.” So, in regards to the body supplements, he recommends Whey Protein, Green Vegetables, Fruit , Juices , Soya-Products , Eggs and even chicken (if one relishes ). As for his diet, he takes 6 – 7 meals daily consisting of approximately 40% Protein, 50% carbohydrates & 10% fats. He eats 25% of his carbohydrates with breakfast & 25% immediately after training. The rest are spread evenly throughout the day. He eats 40g of protein with each meal coming from Chicken, egg whites.

    It is worth noticing that born in a small village Khadiala Sania, Distt Hoshiarpur (Punjab), Dharminder had already set his eyes on the presently won glorious title of Mr. World after winning the title of Mr Europe. The President of World Fitness Federation, Edmundas Daubaras had himself selected and recommended his name for Mr World and Mr. Universe body- building championships. Blessed by his Guru Rama kant Sharma of Mohali, he always remained good at sports and body-building championships. Representing at state & national levels, he was adjudged Mr. India twice in the year 2006 &2008 and Senior Mr. Punjab at Mohali, overall Mr. North India, four times Overall district Champion, at different levels of competitions held by different organizations.