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  • HackerEarth Releases FaceCode as a Standalone Solution for Remote Developer Interviews

    Published on February 4, 2021

    Bengaluru: HackerEarth, a leading developer assessment and tech interview solutions provider today released an enhanced version of its product FaceCode as a standalone solution for conducting technical interviews with developers. The latest features include improved automation to save time before and during interviews, as well as advance bias-free feature, part of HackerEarth’s commitment to enabling diversity and inclusion in hiring.

    The COVID pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and the adoption of online collaborative platforms. As businesses adjust to a ‘new normal’ for remote workplaces and Human Capital Management, video interviews, and online assessments will become mainstays of the hiring process. There’s also a growing spotlight on diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. HackerEarth is well-positioned with FaceCode to enable inevitable shifts in developer recruitment and has designed these updates to help hiring managers to address the new global reality.  

    Recruitment has historically been a very high touch human process, so moving it to a virtual environment definitely has its own challenges,” said Sachin Gupta, CEO of HackerEarth. “As FaceCode has become increasingly popular with our clients, we decided to release it as a standalone solution to replicate yet enhance and improve the personal interaction that takes place during an in-person developer interview. With diversity front and center, a major concern for today’s hiring managers – especially in tech – is creating more inclusive opportunities in the hiring equation. Remote interviews and assessments are becoming a necessity by design but can also be a positive long-term solution to fighting bias in developer and tech-related hiring.”

    What HackerEarth’scustomers have to say:

    Upendra Singh, Head of Engineering at Slice Pay:

    “Conducting remote technical interviews were never this easy and comfortable. Using HackerEarth FaceCode has significantly improved our time to hire by 35% and also brought down the cost to hire by 20%. The tool, unlike others, also provides a delightful candidate experience especially for experienced roles who don’t necessarily have to undertake an assessment.

    Manvi Jindal, Human Resources Manager at MMT:I have used FaceCode for the Tech Campus hiring last year. It was indeed a good experience for the hiring team as the campus hiring process was concluded with a virtual interview process due to Covid-19. Initially, I was skeptical, but the overall hiring experience was seamless, and I highly recommend the tool for lateral and campus hiring for any company.

    While FaceCode is an ideal tool for reducing bias in remote technical interviews, it also has  powerful features for reducing the amount of subjectivity that goes into face-to-face technical interviews. FaceCode’s evaluation parameters ensure an objective process even if the interview takes place in an onsite setting.