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  • Friday, October, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 08:34:10
  • Juggling numerous tasks at home and work can be a bit overwhelming especially when you do not have the right appliances that help take care of your daily mundane activities at home. The Premium Appliances Range by Häfele equips you with the choice of concentrating on activities that really need your attention. Häfele brings to you the SERENE SI 02 – a Semi-integrated dishwasher that provides a hygienic and quiet alternative to your regular washing. This dishwasher has an impressive capacity with a 14 place setting, aptly suited for an average Indian household.

    The height of the upper basket can be adjusted at different levels, offering flexible stacking of different types and sizes of plates, glasses, and other dishes, even when fully loaded! Besides, the dishwasher also has the option of functioning at half load, which is an energy-saving solution when you have less dishes to wash! It comes with built-in programs which provide you with the flexibility of washing your dishes depending on their material and how soiled they are. In the intensive mode, the items placed on the lower rack are subjected to 20% more spray pressure at a higher temperature which is very useful for stubborn oily stains. The Serene SI 02 is equipped with smart sensor technology and an effective filtration system to circulate enough water and detect any perceived loss in water delivering a hygienic wash and eliminating 99.9 % bacteria and germs.


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