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  • On January 12th, 2010, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, causing immense destruction. The earthquake occurred on a Tuesday afternoon, and it was followed by eight more aftershocks felt throughout the region in the following days and 52 recorded aftershocks in the next two weeks. The disaster destroyed 300,000 buildings and caused the deaths of an estimated 316,000 people. The earthquake displaced over a million people.

    One deeply affected by the disaster is Karim Hakim, who participated in the first-ever Youth for Haiti program in 2010. The program brought college students from across the country to Haiti for a two-week trip to interact with locals and assist with relief efforts. Hakim, who now serves as the Regional Manager of the Southern California region at Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD), says, “It’s impossible to visit Haiti without leaving a piece of your heart there.”

    HHRD has actively supported Haiti since the earthquake with programs including Education Support, Ramadan Food, Skills Development, and Learning. The organization has supported 500 orphans in Haiti just this past year alone. The Director of Compliance for HHRD, Nuzhat Javed, remembers the conditions that Haitians live in as “unimaginable” and the impact that the organization’s efforts have had on the local community.

    One volunteer from Chicago, Hannan Ouyoun, had a life-changing experience in Haiti and has encouraged many of her close friends to join the trip the next year. This year, the anniversary of the earthquake comes weeks after the passing of HHRD’s Haiti Coordinator, Saqib Attique, which makes the 13th year of the devastating earthquake all the more significant. Saqib Attique devoted his life to Haiti and the relief work that was being conducted in the region. His devotion and commitment to the cause have helped change countless lives in the country, giving them hope for a stable, brighter, and safer future.

    HHRD’s presence in Haiti has ensured shelter and food for thousands of people since 2010, and the country’s rehabilitation has been the organization’s top priority. The strength of the local people gives HHRD and its donors the motivation to continue their efforts and change lives.

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