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  • Friday, December, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 01:57:22
  • The spirit of festivities call for happy munching. Cornitos Crusties  is the perfect companion for these occasions. The festival of colours is around and is the absolute time to relish healthy snacks. Cornitos CRUSTIES, baked snacks are the best add on for the palate. Celebrate this Holi with healthy and guilt-free snacking.


    Cornitos CRUSTIES funky zigzag shape and unique flavour add a snacky spin to Chickpeas, Bean and Potato. Savory and crunchy, CRUSTIES are baked, not fried, and are just right for a happy and guilt-free crustying, any time of the day! Cornitos offer 6 delicious flavours of Crusties-

    KING CURRY- Amped up with spices, herbs and aromatics from a variety of cultures, King Curry will take the palate for a unique spin and satisfy all the curry cravings. Savoury and crunchy.

    PERI-PERI- The perky Peri Peri flavour add a snacky spin to Potato. Relish the heat of pepper with its signature earthiness and tanginess balanced with the loud crunch of Potato Crusties!

    ITALIAN CHEESE- The complex flavours of rich Italian Cheese and the creamy yet crunchy texture of Potato Crusties will surely make your tastebuds go Mamma Mia!

    LEMON CHILLI-This variant of Cornitos Bean Crusties takes you on a tangy ride with its zesty lemon and fiery chilli combo.

    DILLI CHAAT- Chickpea Crusties walks you down the streets of Delhi, and bombards your tastebuds with a burst of tangy, sweet, and spicy notes.

    CHEESY GARLIC- Dive headlong into the delicious flavors of garlic and herbs with cheese as you relish the Chickpea Snacks.

    Cornitos wishes you Happy Holi with Happy Crustying and enliven the celebrations by using HOLI23 to get 23% off at https://shop.cornitos.in/ 


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