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  • Happy learners of online higher education and up-skilling driving the growth for Jaro Education

    Published on May 29, 2024

     Jaro Education, a pioneering force in online higher education and up-skilling, is experiencing substantial growth fueled by existing student referrals. With a commitment to redefining online education and upskilling, Jaro Education has emerged as a leading provider of lifelong learning opportunities.

    Founded in 2009 by Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe, Jaro Education has evolved from humble beginnings to become a powerhouse in online education sector, boasting a net revenues of Rs. 200 crore in FY24. Leveraging its innovative online learning platform and expertise in admission-related services, Jaro Education has cultivated partnerships with prestigious institutions worldwide, including IITs, IIMs, leading universities like Symbiosis, Amity, Manipal, D Y Patil, Loyola College, Ivy League universities like Wharton, MIT and top corporates like KPMG and others.

    Currently serving 32 institutions including 7 IIMs and 6 IITs, Jaro Education offers 250 degree and certification programs, catering to diverse fields such as management, finance, and business analytics. In FY 24 alone, the company provided high-quality online education to approximately 28,800+ learners for postgraduate degrees and up-skilling courses.

    The exponential growth of Jaro Education stands as a testament to the profound impact of its educational initiatives and the unwavering trust placed in its programs by students. At the heart of this remarkable journey lies the power of existing student referrals, which not only drive a staggering 40% of the company’s new business but also serve as a poignant endorsement of the quality and effectiveness of Jaro’s educational offerings.

    This organic growth not only highlights the unparalleled level of satisfaction experienced by students but also solidifies Jaro Education’s position as a frontrunner in the online higher education and up-skilling landscape. The enrolments for master degree programs are driven by referrals which contributes 40% of the incremental net revenues every year and the company’s efforts are to take this to 50% by increasing level of quality delivery focussed on learning. With each referral, a ripple of confidence spreads, further cementing Jaro’s reputation as a leader in delivering transformative educational experiences.

    Dr. Salunkhe, CMD of Jaro Education, said, “Jaro Education’s exponential growth fueled by student referrals reflects not only our commitment to excellence but also the trust our students place in us. As we continue to prioritize quality education and robust operational metrics, this organic endorsement reaffirms our position as pioneers in the online higher education and up-skilling space, shaping the future of education.”

    With a pan-India presence of over 22 offices cum classrooms and 15 on-campus immersive tech studios at prestigious institutions like IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Kozhikode and others, Jaro Education caters to a wide network of partner institutions. The company’s roster of partner institutions includes 24 top notch institutions like IITs, IIMs, and premier universities, out of which 22 institutions have been ranked amongst the top 100 partners by the National Institute Ranking Framework (NIRF).

    As Jaro Education continues to expand its reach and offerings, the role of existing student referrals in driving growth cannot be understated. Through their positive experiences and recommendations, students are not only shaping the future of education but also contributing to the success and reputation of Jaro Education as a trusted provider of quality education.

    Majority of our programmes have got best ratings from all the learners participated in master degree certification courses and management development programmes. Our feedback mechanism, which is one of our biggest differentiator ensures high standards of quality in delivering better learning outcomes across the courses we are facilitating to deliver across India.


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