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  • Harpreet Singh, energetic producer playing a key part in standardising Punjabi Cinema

    Published on July 23, 2020

    Harpreet Singh with his team is working towards the betterment of Punjabi Cinema

    Cinema has been one of the greatest influences in our modern life. Be it Bollywood or Hollywood, cinema is the most complex and powerful art form in the present world. In this world where competition walks along at every stage, a young and enthusiastic personality aims at raising Punjabi cinema to level-up with B-town and Hollywood. The person is none other than Harpreet Singh, famed as Hpreet Singh and Singhwithbenz in the Punjabi cinema.

    We have always seen producers at the launch of their events hanging off the arm with stars, but there has always been lots of uncertainty attached to this role. Harpreet Singh with his strong will-power and extraordinaire skills overcame all the hurdles coming his way to be a successful producer. Harpreet Singh with his love for music and Punjabis entered the industry with a goal to have a blooming career.

    Harpreet Singh is not from the industry background but his creativity and passion have left him no apart. Harpreet Singh with his team has given the industry numerous hit produces till date. Harpreet Singh and the team’s well-known work have got them to hold of Singhwithbenz and Team Royal Music Gang, Parma Music and Karan Aujla and Deep Jandu.

    Harpreet Singh in-person lives a royal life and having a stylish personality created his identity in the Instagram world. Harpreet Singh pacing with ongoing trend maturely handles social media marketing also. One can judge all this by having a look at Harpreet Singh’s profile. Harpreet Singh’s work is a trendsetter for all the young and rich people, his zest of internationally portraying Punjab’s real heroes have won the heart of all.

    Harpreet Singh has identified the love for Punjabi music in people and hence grabbed the opportunity emerging in the market to build his career. Harpreet Singh aims at growing Punjabi music to international levels. Harpreet Singh is planning to come with many music albums by 2020 and also expand his scope in producing movies.

    The swag and groovy music in Harpreet Singh’s produces are buzzing high worldwide. The young generation can inspire their career by Harpreet Singh’s journey from music lover to gaining fame in the Punjabi music industry. Harpreet Singh’s enthusiasm and hard work will raise bars for Punjabi Cinema no lesser than B-town and Hollywood.