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  • Friday, September, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 03:39:52
  • Harpreet Singh is primarily known as a youth leader and social activist who has been continually working towards providing help and support to impoverished sections of the society. His desire to serve people, uplift them and create a positive impact in society has led him to efficiently identify problems, come up with suitable resolutions and then work at grassroot level to implement them.

    Harpreet Singh is the youngest Secretary General of the Delhi Pradesh Youth Congress. As a political activist and youth leader, he works in the direction of putting out concrete solutions that resolve issues and ensuring that voices of suppressed people and communities are heard on a higher level of administration and authority. Additionally, Harpreet Singh is part of various local support groups that are engaged in mobilizing resources and giving significant help to underprivileged groups.

    Harpreet is the founder of India Together Foundation, a non government organization that aims to provide Covid-19 related relief and support to people. During the second wave of the pandemic in the country, Harpreet and his team at India Together Foundation worked day in and day out to help disadvantaged households by supplying  them with foodgrains, health kits, clean water and food packets. Harpreet Singh also coordinated with numerous hospitals and health centers and connected and helped people in need of medicines and equipment like oxygen cylinders and ventilators.

    For his relentless efforts during the Covid-19 crisis and in the realms of social work and selfless community and public service, Harpreet Singh received a Certificate of Appreciation from the World Sikh Chamber of Commerce. Displaying his political acumen and genuine inclination towards service to society, Harpreet Singh has emerged as an effective, competent and compassionate youth leader and political activist.


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