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  • Harraj s lamba is 31 years old . He was born on 10 Aug 1990 in Mumbai ( Maharashtra)290bs -6’4″He ‘s bodybuilder & Fitness Model Face of Enhanced Athlete india

    Harraj S Lamba went to don bosco high school & completed his higher studies in London University & completed the course in International business management in los Angeles USA  nutrition & training bodybuilding chemistry & supplement enhancement etc .

    Harraj s lamba  is known  as ‘ face of  EnhancedAthlete india’ & one of the good looking  bodybuilder in the world, weighing an incredible 290lbs at 6’4” tall. His remarkable physique has gained him a lot of prominence in the online fitness and bodybuilding community.

    Growing up as a tall and slim teenager, harraj began his bodybuilding journey around the age of 18 He wanted to gain size and become ‘huge‘ like the bodybuilders he saw in magazines. So he started lifting weights and eating several meals per day.

    Harraj  would train day in and day out, taking breaks from weight training very rarely. His discipline and dedication gradually started to pay off, as harraj  gained a lot of size over the years.

    Ever since then, harraj has become a fitness sensation and competitive bodybuilder; placing highly in contests like super league in Las Vegas Championships

    From 150lbs to 290lbs! Anything is possible if you believe! Set a goal! Create a desire to achieve and the rest is history.”

    Enhanced for lifeInstagram –  harraj s lamba



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