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  • Saturday, July, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 09:21:35
  • Wearing a crown representing your own zone and making everyone proud is much more than just beauty with brain contest. This pageant is a hunt for MODERN MARRIED INDIAN WOMEN whose usual beauty and elegance are better by sensitivity and intelligence, with some more energy and ingenuity in the contemporary context. Start from birth, a woman plays various roles in her life; fathers favorite a daughter, a wife, a daughter-in-law, and a mother, and many different roles in their whole life. As to realize the role that she misses to play is the beauty and the best version of her. Haut Monde India believes in celebrating womanhood by organizing.


    Haut Monde Mrs. India Worldwide has came up with an opportunity where married females can look forward to accomplish their dreams. Haut Monde believes women are beautiful, strong, wherein the contest act to motivate women of all generations to come over and feel who you are. However, Haut Monde Mrs. India Worldwide is an International Beauty Pageant based in India initiated in 2011 and has been giving this awesome platform to all the Indian Married Women the women internationally can participate. Apart from this, Haut Monde makes an optimistic show effect that often creates Mrs. India Worldwide as the way in-stone for victory for all the incredible women across the globe.


    In 2020, Haut Monde celebrates its 10th successful years of the beautiful journey of Mrs. India Worldwide. But due to amid COVID-19 pandemic, the company decided to organize auditions via an online platform. Moreover, the online auditions is a encouraging and inspiring platform for all ladies who will be adding Mrs.India in their names and the age limitation starts between 21 years and end on 45 years. Well, the company doesn’t mention any criteria regarding weight and height. So, start your new journey by registering yourself for the audition and give yourself a new look, beauty, confidence.


    Recently, we received 35 participants registration from the South Zone and we specially focussed on south zone cities such as Hyderabad, Kochi, Bangalore, and Chennai. Apart from this, The USP is to recognize the beauty of Indian married women from every part of India. We already completed this in almost 19 cities in India.