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HCL Foundation, in partnership with Socio-Economic Development Trust, inaugurates ‘Young Kalam Discovery Science Center’ at Maraimalaiyadikal (MMA) Government Higher Secondary School in Chennai

Quote of Ms. Nidhi Pundhir, Director, HCL Foundation

“HCL Foundation, under its flagship initiative, HCL Uday has encouraged children’s long-term sustainable, innovative, and technology-led education. We believe in providing quality STEM learning at the grassroots level. The programs nurture logical thinking skills by providing a hands-on learning experience. Using experiential learning, the center will help students learn, experience, and creatively comprehend scientific concepts. We believe that the Discovery Science Center will pave the way for students living under underserved conditions closer to living a dignified existence by providing a unique platform to develop a scientific outlook toward life while mastering academic excellence.

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