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  • HCLTech unveils new report: The Blueprint to Total Experience – Why Integrated Experiences are Key to Competitive Advantage

    Published on June 25, 2024

    Chennai — HCLTech, a leading global technology company, today announced the release of its groundbreaking report, ‘The Blueprint to Total Experience.’ This comprehensive study explores the growing importance of Total Experience (TX) — a strategic approach that designs and delivers exceptional, holistic and integrated experiences for customers, employees and users across multiple channels.

    Key findings of The Blueprint to Total Experience:

    •        16% of companies categorized as ‘Experience Leaders’ — those excelling at delivering integrated experiences — reported a significantly higher return on investment (ROI) compared to their less-focused counterparts.

    •        8 of 10 Experience Leaders leverage Generative AI (GenAI), Cloud and SaaS technologies to gain real-time insights, personalize interactions and automate processes, ultimately creating a more efficient and effective experience.

    •        A design-led culture, a product-aligned operating model and access to the right technology resources are crucial for successful Total Experience initiatives.

    “Achieving total experience is not just a goal but a pivotal strategy for thriving in the next era of business evolution. It enables organizations to transform their entire value chains by integrating technological advancements, fostering cultural transformation, organizational restructuring and operational efficiencies to meet evolving market needs and expectations,” said Pawan Vadapalli, Corporate Vice President and Global Head, Digital Business Services, HCLTech. “The companies that are excelling are those that are unlocking the potential of data with GenAI to create personalized and intuitive experiences.”

    The study revealed that 67% Experience Leaders deploy GenAI solutions to gain real-time insights from knowledge databases and 65% of the Leaders use it to extract insights from unstructured data. 64% of these Leaders offer personalized assistance via chatbots and other tools and 61% leverage GenAI predictive capabilities to tailor content, services and products used by target audiences and employees.

    Experience Leaders, who have made greater progress on all forms of experience, are better able to drive ROI. Leaders report 64% ROI on customer experience and have realized an impressive 57% ROI on their total experience investments.

    “Historically, companies have focused on the four components of experience — user experience (UX), customer experience (CX), and multi-experience (MX) and employee experience (EX) — in silos,” said Jill Kouri, Chief Marketing Officer, HCLTech. “The Total

    Experience philosophy brings these elements together under one umbrella enabling complimentary outcomes including a more engaged and productive workforce and the attraction and retention of top talent.”

    The study surveyed over 600 senior business and technology leaders worldwide with an average company size of $10.8 billion in revenue.   


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