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  • Thursday, July, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:39:49
  • Sunnyvale, California, United States —HDMI Licensing, LLC, the agent responsible for licensing the High-Definition Multimedia Interface® (HDMI®) Specification, today announced that it now has over 1,000 licensed HDMI Adopters worldwide, an 11 percent increase compared to 2009. HDMI technology has become the de-facto worldwide standard for transmitting high-definition (HD) digital content with nearly 500 million HDMI-compliant products expected to ship in 2010 and an installed base of over 1.5 billion HDMI products deployed worldwide. The consortium is also introducing its new online database tool, branded “HDMI Product Finder”, to help buyers, distributors and resellers find HDMI-compliant products from licensed Adopters based on various criteria such as features, functionality or geographic region.

    As the market for digital media continues to grow, later versions of the HDMI Specification have responded to address the changing consumer landscape by introducing key enhancements, such as 3D TV support, resulting in a growing adopter base across all geographical regions. 30 percent of HDMI adopters are now located in China, 22 percent in Taiwan, 17 percent in North America, 13 percent in Europe and the rest of the world, 10 percent in Japan, and 8 percent in Korea.

    “The tremendous growth of the HDMI adopter base over the years has been supported by our commitment to enhancing the specification, creating business opportunities and building new tools that allow manufacturers to easily develop and sell products,” said Steve Venuti, president of HDMI Licensing, LLC. “The new HDMI Product Finder is another new way to support our Adopters by promoting and showcasing their HDMI-compliant products.”

    The new HDMI Product Finder is an online, database-driven catalog with a robust search function, where licensed Adopters can effectively promote their products on the official HDMI website. Adopters can upload datasheets, images, specifications, and “where to buy” details that can be searched and filtered so that buyers, distributors or resellers can find HDMI-compliant products based on their unique requirements. Product listings in the HDMI Product Finder are free of charge for compliant, licensed Adopters. For more information on the HDMI Product Finder, visit http://www.hdmi.org/product_finder.