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Health Karma™ Featured on CustomInsured Health Insurance 2.0 Podcast

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL : MediXall Group Inc. , an innovative healthcare solutions provider, is excited to announce its wholly-owned subsidiary, Health Karma™, was recently featured on the CustomInsured Health Insurance 2.0 Podcast

Presented by CustomInsured LLC,  Health Insurance 2.0 is a podcast all about improving the standards of health insurance, specifically the administrative weight of employee billing and management issues in health plans. CustomInsured’s goal is to help transition businesses to better health plans and help guide their listeners to the opportunities available. 

CustomInsured and the Health Insurance 2.0 Podcast perfectly aligns with Health Karma’s mission to facilitate access to best-in-class care, whenever and wherever, while driving down overall healthcare costs for employers and their employees. In this episode, President of Health Karma, Michael Swartz details the Company’s virtual benefits program that offers healthcare benefits like urgent care, primary care, and behavioral health at a fraction of the cost of traditional visits.  He highlights that the Health Karma Virtual Primary Care + Behavioral Health Membership plan is designed to be offered to all individuals and families that either don’t have healthcare coverage or for those that do and have a high deductible plan. For information on the Health Karma Virtual Primary Care & Behavioral Health Membership, you can watch this video.  

“Unfortunately, access to healthcare is usually tied to employment. Furthermore, numerous small businesses can’t afford to bear the cost on their employee’s behalf. Being featured on the Health Insurance 2.0 Podcastfurther validates and highlights that we have developed a solution for small businesses to provide employees the much-needed physical and mental care they deserve,  Michael Swartz, President of Health Karma, said. “Since inception of Health Karma, we have made it our mission to work with small businesses, business associations, chambers of commerce, and other organizations to help get them and their members access to the healthcare they need, at a fraction of the cost of traditional insurance plans.” Swartz added.

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