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Bangalore: : TripAdvisor the world’s largest travel site, today announced the results of its Health on Holiday survey conducted amongst over 3000 Indian travellers. Holidays are known to be times when people throw caution to the wind with respect to their usual regimented daily schedules and habits and indulge in food, drink and merrymaking. However, the TripAdvisor Health on Holiday survey reveals Indians to be showing early signs of becoming healthy holidaymakers. Whopping 91% travellers put their diet between moderate and very healthy & 80% said they sleep adequately on holiday.

However, purchasing health insurance does not seem to have caught on as an essential part of travel planning except when travelling outside the country, with 56% respondents claiming they get insurance only for international travel.  In line with being considered the more cautious gender, 66% women said they opt for insurance during overseas travel compared to 50% men. Also more women were cautious than men about carrying safe drinking water while travelling and avoiding use of ice in beverages.

Nikhil Ganju, Country Manager, TripAdvisor India elucidates ,  “Our survey has shown some interesting trends about Indian travellers who do tend to indulge but are also starting to keep a watch on their habits while on holiday.” He further adds, “The usual frenzied schedules leave little time for people in cities to attend to their health. As a result, urban Indian travellers are beginning to look at their holiday as a wellness break, and as an opportunity to rehabilitate their normal unhealthy habits.”

Indian Musafir on the go

Used to sedentary urban lifestyles, 74% people admitted to being more physically active on their holidays.

Spa treatments (24%) and yoga (12%) comprise of people’s healthy regimen during holidays.

Mountains (47%) score over beaches (36%) as being a more rejuvenating holiday experience.

Dodging the health enemies

Safe food and water seem to be a priority for the Indian traveller. At least 60% travellers prefer carrying own water bottle from hotel or drinking from branded packaged drinks & 42% avoid ice. Also 54% respondents said they do not eat street food and 40% avoid non vegetarian food while travelling.

33% percent people avoid swimming in fresh water.

44% avoid natural habitat which could be infested with mosquitoes, flies, bugs etc

72% take measures for sun protection in hot destinations

High on Holiday

Despite other healthy choices, people seem to give in to the vices of drinking and smoking while on vacation.

Among those who drink, 46% acknowledged drinking more  on holiday with a majority(43%) helping themselves to   more than  3 drinks per day

30% among travellers who smoke said they were not regular smokers but indulged themselves during holidays.

Women Woo Wellness

Women seemed to have slightly better control on their diet while on holiday with 27% women eating healthy compared to 20% men

Women exerted greater control on their drinking habits on holiday with 50% men drinking more  on holiday compared to 40% women

37% women smoke less on holiday compared to only 14% men

More women are more physically active than men on vacation

The Age of Indulgence

Free from parental restraint coupled with early financial freedom, those in the age group of 25-30 seemed to emerge as being fairly decadent with 1/3rd respondents in this group claiming they didn’t care about health and wanted to indulge while on holiday. Among all other ages from 18 – 55, most respondents in this age acknowledged feeling unhealthy or tired in the days following their holiday. This age group was also most susceptible to sleeping too much or too little on vacation.

Drinking and smoking also seem to have crept up early on Generation Y

80% of those in the age group 18-24 acknowledged not being regular smokers but indulging in smoking on holiday.

50% in the age group 18-24  said they consume at least 3 drinks compared to less than half of that across all other ages

100% of those in the age group 18-24 said they drink more or as much on holiday as they normally drink back home .

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