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  • Healthcare Startup Zorgers targets to skill up 15000 employees for the caregiving industry

    Published on July 9, 2019

    Delhi, Date: Zorgers, a home healthcare startup having already trained 3100 caregivers is aiming to increase their fleet to 15000 by the end of 2020. Owing to the need for trained and skilled caregivers they give utmost priority to the concerns of their workforce, be it attendance, salary, travel or any other issue. Caregiving needs a good deal of customized homely touch and hence it’s important that the volunteer is happy and content with the profession. The company has developed an app on the basis of requirements by caregivers which provides apt details of attendance, payouts, incentives and other important things. They have built a community of caregivers around the same logic wherein 60% of recruitment happens through staff reference alone.

    Zorgers has developed a training module with an in-house process material specified towards the care of patients at home, which includes non-technical soft skill focused pattern, and the technical part involving medical training. Before enrolment into the system as a full-time Caregiver, Zorgers imparts six days on-field training, and overtime training sessions as soon as they are off duty hours. Videos and animations of training programs are also made available on their app, just in case, they need to learn or use in times of crisis.

    Zorgers’ functionality has been designed bearing the ground principles of caregiving industry, wherein they encourage the fact that caregivers have their own work preferences and skills. A bare minimum level of benefits is provided to caregivers which includes minimum fixed salary, irrespective of engagement with clients. Understanding the point that providing continuous service in-home care is a challenge, caregivers enrolled on a full-time basis are motivated by a minimum monthly payout, along with monthly paid leaves, and decent company accommodation. Continuous on-field training at clients’ end and associated hospitals assure monthly, quarterly and annual recognition via awards, and client-based feedback incentives.

    “Each day @ Zorgers,  I stay excited about the problem that we are solving for the society and since the target audience is so huge, it is helping us create a plethora of jobs. TIll date, we have created more than 3000+ Jobs and we intend to create at least 1 Mn Jobs by the end of 2025. As a part of the training and engagement program, our focus is to always treat Caregivers as partners in the journey. Their success in the profession defines our growth and not vice versa. Caregiving has been a very nascent profession in India and the society has to work together in uplifting this as a career option. I am living a dream to see job seekers opting caregiving as a preferred career choice and not just livelihood management” shares Varun Gupta, Founder and CEO of Zorgers Healthcare.

    According to a recent survey, 3123 institutions across the country prepare over 1.25L nurses every year. Nursing professionals constitute the largest percentage of the nation’s healthcare workforce but with India’s population increasing by about 26 million each year, the number is too little. Healthcare professionals form the backbone of the nation’s healthcare system, while doctors are constantly challenged to keep up with the advances in science and medicine, rising patients’ expectations for a homely environment for treatment has caused an increased demand for Caregivers.