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    “Hear Your Heart, Heart Your Health” – Sakra World Hospital Launches Cutting Edge Heart Failure Clinic on World Heart Day

    Published on September 29, 2021

    The clinic will serve as one stop destination and offer end-to-end customized care to patients with heart conditions

    Bengaluru : To commemorate World Heart Day 2021, Sakra World Hospital, a premier healthcare organization that comes with advanced Japanese technology delivering breakthrough healthcare in India launched its state-of-the-art Heart Failure Clinic in Bengaluru offering a comprehensive range of diagnostics as well as therapeutic services for patients suffering from heart failure today. The Heart Failure Clinic houses some of the best cardiologists, interventional cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and heart failure specialists in the city who are highly trained and certified in the diagnosis and treatment of heart failure.

    Factors that set Sakra’s Heart Failure Clinic apart are the most specialized and innovative cardiac services providing all-inclusive care and cutting-edge facilities to the patients. Sakra’s heart care team comes with the required expertise to help prolong and improve quality of life for people who have found limited options elsewhere. The cardiologists and the treatment team here are trained in heart failure and work as part of a multidisciplinary team with staff from various departments to provide congestive heart failure treatment in Bangalore.

    According to the latest Lancet report, heart failure continues to be the top killer in the country, the prevalence of which has increased by over 50% from 1990 to 2016 in India and the contribution of which to total deaths and disease burden in the country has doubled in the past 25 years. Heart disease, now, is the leading individual cause of disease burden in India which is why, a specialized Heart Failure Clinic like that of Sakra’s is the need of the hour.

    Speaking at the launch Dr. Sreekanth B. Shetty, Senior Consultant and Head of Interventional Cardiology, Sakra World Hospital said, “Patients with Chronic Heart Failure need focused attention and that’s why we are setting up a dedicated a heart failure clinic wherein we provide 360-degree care for heart failure. With established algorithms tailored to individual needs, using guideline-based therapies, we will help them minimize hospitalization risk and help them with transition of care from hospital to home. The clinic will empower, guide and help them to monitor their own self. They too need to be aware and have an objective assessment of how they are progressing. We are bringing cutting edge therapies, collaborative efforts with departments such as pulmonology, nephrology, rehab, sleep labs and many more.”

    Speaking about the various range of heart related tests available in the Heart Failure Clinic, Dr Deepak Krishnamurthy, Senior Interventional Cardiologist, Sakra World Hospital said, “It is essential to be aware of your cardiac condition, consult your cardiologist if you experience any of the symptoms and get a diagnosis done at the earliest. It is important to understand your pumping capacity and check if it is less than 50% capacity, you might be prone to heart failure. At Sakra Heart Failure Clinic, we will drive protocol-based care mechanism to help improve the quality of life. We perform a series of tests including cardiac catheterization, cardiopulmonary exercise testing, echocardiogram, cardiac MRI and CT scan, electrophysiology studies, nuclear cardiology studies and more to determine the type and progression of heart failure. All these help in taking a preventive step towards stopping further progression of heart failure.”

    Highlighting the role of existing comorbidities and heart problems, Dr Adil Sadiq, Head, Cardiac Surgery, Sakra World Hospital, explained, “Diabetes, family history, heart rhythm problems, high blood pressure, heavy alcohol or drug use, valve problems, heart attack, congenital heart problems, sleep apnea and pre-existing heart disease, and a history of heart attacks are the possible risk factors of heart failure. We have seen that more than 80 – 85% patients can improve their quality of life if they just remain on prescribed medications while about 5% may require a transplant and other surgeries. It is, thus, important to monitor your daily salt and fluid intake, body weight even when you are well, and know if your condition is worsening and contact for help to keep your heart healthy and the comorbidities in control. At Sakra Heart Failure Clinic, we analyze and evaluate all the factors leading to heart failure and devise treatment plans accordingly.”

    Expressing his delight on the launch of Heart Failure Clinic at Sakra World Hospital, Mr. Yuichi Nagano, Managing Director, Sakra World Hospital, said, “While heart failure is a critical condition claiming several lives, appropriate clinical intervention at the right time can enable patients to recover and our Heart Failure Clinic is launched exactly to do the same.”

    Sakra Heart Failure Clinic will be operational every Thursday from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Appointment are available on prior booking.