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  • Heartbeat International Foundation and BIOTRONIK: Big Hearts in Big Business

    Published on December 22, 2010

    Seven year old Yuleisy - the first patient saved as a result of the collaboration between BIOTRONIK and Heartbeat International Foundation. (Photo: Business Wire)

    United States : Heartbeat International Foundation, Inc. (HBI), a 501 c 3 not-for-profit organization, operating in 22 countries around the world, was proud to announce the first life saved as a result of the strategic partnership with BIOTRONIK, a leading manufacturer of high-quality implantable cardiac devices and pioneer of wireless remote monitoring technologies.

    Heartbeat International Foundation and BIOTRONIK recently achieved a major milestone and victory in the fight to save lives with the successful implant of a donated BIOTRONIK pacemaker in a seven year old girl named, Yuleisy Danila Banos Peraldo, from the country of Ecuador.

    “It is only through the generosity and humanitarian efforts of a company such as BIOTRONIK that we are able to accomplish our mission of saving lives around the world. HBI is fortunate that our industry understands the time sensitivity of responding to patients in dire medical need located in the poor regions around the globe”, said Dr. Benedict Maniscalco, Chairman and CEO of HBI.

    “There is no greater reward than when a child’s parents look you in the eyes and thank you for saving their baby’s life. This is why HBI exists, and why having a corporate partner like BIOTRONIK literally means whether or not we can continue to save more lives”, said Dr. Attilio Birga the Chairman of Heartbeat International Ecuador.

    HBI’s commitment to saving lives around the world goes hand in hand with BIOTRONIK’s tradition of humanitarian clinical support. It is only through the efforts of bold committed leaders focused on a common goal, that truly anything can be accomplished.

    “This young patient in Ecuador represents all we could ever hope for in our donations to Heartbeat International Foundation. We are proud of these first steps forward in our mission to deliver lifesaving devices to patients such as Yuleisy who would otherwise have little hope in such poor regions of the world,” said Marlou Janssen, Global Vice President of Marketing and Sales at BIOTRONIK. “All of us at BIOTRONIK are thankful for the opportunity to partner with HBI, and the chance to further demonstrate our commitment to excellence for life – to patients, families and communities in need.”

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