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  • ‘Hega- Ngi’, major festival of Jeme being celebrated in Dima Hasao

    Published on December 11, 2019

    By Anup Biswas

    Haflong : The People belonging to Jeme community of Dima Hasao district of Assam celebrate their year ending festival or the major festival ‘Hega- Ngi’ throughout the district Dima Hasao starting from December 10th to December 12th this year  with traditional fervor and gaiety.

    On first day of the festival, they offer their best jhum product to the ‘Tin wang’ leader of the sky in ‘Kelumki’( temple ). While praising the ‘Tin wang’ for their best harvest they pray for his blessings.


    The 2nd day is day for traditional games and sports and merry making. Those who win the prizes they have to invite others to their respective houses to enjoy the spirit of the festival. Meat and ‘Ju’ (rice bear) are served to every guest in traditional manner.

    The 3rd day is the day for seeking blessings from the elders. The group of youths visits house to house dancing and singing to seek the blessings of the elders. A bunch of thread is tied in the wrist of children as the mark of blessings.

    In these days of fast modernization, the Jemes are still striving for the preservation of their tradition and culture and perhaps they are successful enough to retain their glory of tradition and culture.

    The distinctive culture of the Jemes is manifested through the celebration of their community festivals, their folk lore, folk songs dances, music etc. They observe a number of community festivals mostly related to the agriculture. These are Heleibambe, Nehang Bam, Puakpal, Siami and Hega Ngi.