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  • Wednesday, April, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 04:16:00
  • ~ Refresh your surroundings with Reed Diffusers ~

    Pune: The New Year season is all about welcoming new beginnings, positive vibes and enabling the flow of good energy. In this spirit, HEM, one of the leading incense makers in the world, has launched a product called Reed Diffusers, which emanate various unique fragrances that help enhance the mood while also bringing vivacity and optimism to your home.

    The Reed Diffusers are entirely natural, hand-made with the utmost care using only naturally sourced ingredients, which help create the perfect fragrance for refreshing your surroundings. These fragrances are designed specifically to evoke various states of mind and changes of feelings throughout the day.

    The fragrances vary from Lemongrass, Black Currant, Summer Delight, Forest Flower and Pink Bloom.

    • ●       Lemongrass – It charges you with positivity, returns activity and gives you strength as well as energy.
    • ●       Black Currant – Its aroma disperses in a warm and consistent manner, allowing you to feel creative and imaginative.
    • ●       Summer Delight – It brings a summer feeling to your surroundings while making you feel fresh on the inside.
    • ●       Forest Flower – It ushers a forest feel into your home with a lingering smell that makes you feel good.
    • ●       Pink Bloom – Its aroma disperses in a smooth and energizing manner which makes it the perfect fragrance to perk up your mood.

    Price: INR 399 for 1 glass bottle of 40ml Reed Diffuser oil with 5 reed sticks.

    The product is available at https://hemfragrances.in/ and also in Amazon and all the major retailers.


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