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  • Here are some Ayurvedic products that you can’t miss for your gut health

    Published on November 30, 2022

    Ayurveda, as an alternative medicine system, is gaining a lot of interest globally. India’s 5,000 year old system of natural medicine still holds its value in the era of modern medicine and people do not shy away from using these products. Post covid, the dependence for natural products have changed drastically and people look for ayurvedic products before popping a pill for any health issue.   As the winters are approaching , ayurveda and its remedies gain more popularity in Indian households especially on issues related to gut health  on issues of a vata and pitta imbalance. 

    Here are the best products to take care of your gut health

    Stomach Care Kit, LifeChart: Stomach Care Kit is a scientifically researched combination of natural herbs that supports liver health, gut health, relief from piles and takes care of gastrointestinal tract. It is a high quality herbal medicine developed with the help of Lifechart empanelled Ayurvedic doctors for the recovery of specific diseases with the unique formulations. It’s an affordable kit which even people living in rural India can afford. 70% of tier 2 & 3 cities patients suffer from gut issues & getting modern medical treatment is a dent in their pockets, LifeChart’s stomach care kit solves for daily issues related to gas, acidity, constipation, piles etc & the daily cost of the product is as low as 20-30 rs per day which makes it the most affordable solution in the segment.

    Tummy Probiotics, Setu: This Tummy Probiotics is a combination of pre- & probiotics to promote a diverse gut microflora. This fights off indigestion and supports healthy bowel movements, Detoxifies your body by balancing the stomach pH. 

    Isabgol: Isabgol also known as psyllium husk is a dietary fiber that helps to increase stool and promote laxation. It is one of the most commonly used home remedies for constipation. Isabgol is good for weight loss as it gives a feeling of fullness and helps prevent overeating. It is also good for diabetic patients as it helps to manage blood glucose levels. Isabgol consumption is good for piles as it makes the stool bulky and prevents constipation. It also reduces the inflammation in piles due to its anti-inflammatory property.

    DigestAll, Jiva Ayurveda: Jiva DigestAll Tablet is a delicious natural remedy that keeps your digestive system active and healthy. DigestAll brings to you the goodness of anardana, black cardamom, jeera (cumin seeds), nimboo sat (citric acid), and dalchini (cinnamon), that is beneficial in a wide range of problems like indigestion, heaviness, flatulence, and constipation. Jiva DigestAll Tablet can be taken by people of all ages after meals.


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