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  • Here’s How Aamir Iqbal Became “The Sultan of Multan” In His 30’s #DigitalMarketer #Entrepreneurship

    Published on December 25, 2021

    Not every one is born with a silver spoon, and the same can be said for Aamir Iqbal – one of top-rated Freelancer and Digital Marketer. Born in the city of saints, Multan, Aamir received his early education at a local school in Multan. But with the crises of life, he had to do odd jobs to fund his higher education and bring home the bacon.

    In his teenage, Aamir went on to working as a part-time worker in a factory. And later got a job as a salesman at a clothing store. By this time, Aamir had completed his primary education, so he was considered a perfect fit to deal with the customers and manage accounting on the PC. Years passed by and Aamir was still working the same 9-to-5 job at a salary that barely afforded his living expenditures.

    But tables do turn, and the same happened with Aamir.

    One day Aamir met his old childhood friend, who was well-settled now. On inquiring what he is doing to make a luxury living, the friend introduced Aamir to freelancing. Since there was little to no concept of earning money online as a freelancer in f. So it took several weeks for Aamir to interpret what is this, how it works, and how it makes you a handsome income online.

    Learning the art of freelancing at the hands of his bosom friend, Aamir launched his own freelancing services on Upwork, which was the only major freelancing platform available at that time. The Multan-born hard worker marketed all the basic computer and internet usages skills that he had, owing to all the years of experience sitting on the PC at the clothing store!

    Since the competition in the freelancing industry wasn’t cut-throat in those times, so Aamir was able to strike gold early in the Freelancing niche. In the very first month of launching himself on Upwork, he was able to secure a 20-dollars job that literally took him 5 minutes to complete. It was the amount that Aamir previously earned working a 9-to-5 for 15 days straight.

    Telling about his first job and how much it made him earn, Aamir says:

    “It was a simple job where the client wanted me to properly align his text in Microsoft Word and do some random copy/paste from one document to another. The complete task took me only 5 minutes to complete. And it made me earn 20-dollars… an amount which I was earning working a 9-to-5 for 15 days.”

    This exposure to freelancing, opened a door of exciting opportunities for Aamir. And very soon after he became a full-time freelancer at home, resigning from his 9-to-5 job.

    With back-to-back-jobs, Aamir started to build up on his Freelancing experience. Also with the passage of time, he started to polish himself by mastering new skills in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Google Adwords.

    The real turning moment came in Aamir’s life when he entered into an SEO deal worth 10k dollars, followed by dozens of other more deals and that too worth over a thousand dollars. Terming these days “the golden period of his life”, Aamir says:

    “Those multiple deals were worth it, as I earned enough money to afford my own car, home, as well as fund my first ever abroad tour to the Middle East.”

    But Aamir was not the type of guys that kept the knowledge limited to himself. In fact, he wanted to reach out to the world, especially his fellow… so that they can also generate a stable monthly income without fighting blood, sweat, and tears at low paying full-day jobs.

    For this purpose, Aamir leveraged the potential of social media to reach out to the deserving youth of. He made a Facebook group named, SEO & Bloggers, where he currently documents his experiences and proven-strategies in different branches of digital marketing. This group has proven so helpful for the youth, that hundreds of young boys, aged uncles, and housewives have become able to earn passive income online.

    At the moment, Aamir Iqbal is running his own multi-million dollar ventures. The earning is generated from affiliate sites, Adsense blogs, website flipping, cryto trading, and selling his SEO services on Fiverr.

    Here are best advices by Aamir Iqbal for the future entrepreneurs:

    • Do not rush into opening a business that you do not know enough about

    • Start with something that you are good at and then build it up to the next level.

    • Focus on only one thing at a time

    • Find mentors; they’d help you solve your problems

    • Do what you Love and become Great at it, if possible.

    • Set your priority and achieve them

    • Take advantage of every opportunity that crosses your path


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